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Saturday 02/20/2016, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Sivia Harding

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River Rock Scarf with Sivia Harding
This decadently beaded scarf, first seen in the book No Sheep for You, creates nests of beads that create the illusion of natural 'rocks' embedded in a flowing 'river' of 2"x2" rib. A bit of lace at the edges provides the perfect backdrop for this imaginative bead treatment.

Students learn how to manage large numbers of pre-strung beads with ease and explore the creative possibilities of this technique, along with conquering any fear of knitting with beads. Students can choose to either follow one of four charted designs or throw caution to the wind and create their own unique freeform piece.

360 yards of sport to dk weight yarn, 4 mm/US 6 circular needle at least 24" in length, or pair of straights or needle size to obtain gauge; approx 1,500 size 6/0 seed beads, threader such as dental floss threader (from drug store), wire needle, or big eye bead needle, stitch markers.

Sharp scissors, notebook, pen or pencil with an eraser, stitch markers, blunt tapestry needles (large and small), flexible tape measure, small calculator, and needles & crochet hooks of various sizes.

String beads onto outside strand of yarn. Note: if The stitch gauge for this project is 24 sts = 4" over k2, p2 rib, slightly stretched, using sport or dk or weight yarn and size 6 needles. However, if you would like to vary the weight of yarn for whatever reason, choose a needle size that results in a fabric that is drapey but relatively firm. You may work a gauge swatch to check your fabric before class. Please check to make sure that your beads slide easily along your yarn. Czech seed beads have smaller inner holes than Japanese seed beads, so try to find Japanese seed beads if possible.
This project requires you to string a large quantity of beads onto your yarn before starting to knit. First, please check each ball of your yarn carefully for knots before you begin to string. The best way to do this is while winding the ball. Allow the yarn strand to slowly slide between your fingers as it winds on. Your fingers will know there is a knot before your eyes will. Cut out any knots you find and start a new ball.
String beads onto outside strand of yarn. If you are using more than one ball of yarn, divide the beads evenly between the balls. Even though it takes more time, I like to string all the beads by hand, which allows me to throw in "surprise" colors in a random fashion, which makes the knitting much more fun. Use the dental floss threader just like you would use a needle; thread the yarn (from the outside of the ball of yarn, not the center) through the loop, and pick up beads with the long end. When you have several beads stacked up, slide the beads down the strand of yarn. Repeat.you are using more than one ball of yarn, divide the beads evenly between the balls.