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Saturday 02/20/2016, 8:30 am - 11:30 am

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Bente Geil

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Extended stitches used in flowers, cables and as travelling stitiches with Bente Geil
Learn how to knit with extended stitches, and explore how they can be used to make new textures and patterns. An extended stitch is a stitch that, on the one row, is knit with an extra wrap or up to 10 extra wraps, and, on the next row, it will extend while knitting it. It could be very useful, if you want to knit cables without the cable needle – mine is always gone and not to be found. Or if you want to use the stitch as an extra layer upon the knitted work, a travelling stitch. It is a kind of double knitting and slipstitch pattern. It is funny and exiting to design with an extra set of stiches. I have used extended stiches in my shawl pattern “Blooms”. You will be knitting this particular Blooms flower and get a free pattern of a hat, where the flower is used.

Bring yarn that fits to the needle size you like to work with. Bring needle that isn't too soft. Metal needles are prefereable. Maybe some stitchmarkers would be nice to have to.