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Friday 02/19/2016, 8:30 am - 11:30 am

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Bente Geil

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Non-ribbing Edges and Pocket Tricks with Bente Geil
In my designing work I like to use non-ribbing edges, because ribbing edges are very common. I like to do something else – something uncommon. So in the first half of this class you can, among other things, learn how to do cable cast-on, both plain, 1/1 and 2/2 ribbing plus horizontal stitches and tucks, used as starter for the rest of the work. In the second half you will get comfy with pockets. You will learn how to make a pocket that is not planned and one that is. For the one that is not planned you need the knitting swatch, needle, and scissor. For the one that is planned you need some stitch markers. In the end you will have learned to use some of the starters in the pockets and you will be able to do some pocket tricks.

Bring yarn that fits to the needle size you like to work with, also as double pointed needles and circular. Have a sewing needle with blunt tip and a scissor with you. Maybe some stitchmarkers would be nice to have to. Bring some wasteyarn to - not very much and it have to be not so easy breakable.

Knit a swatch 6 x 6 inch in wool and needles suitable for needlesize 3.0 mm. Do not bind off.