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Thursday 02/18/2016, 10:00 am - 11:59 am


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Opening Day Spotlight only
No Strings Attached: Working the fiber arts into your wardrobe

Our panel of experts was presented with a wardrobe capsule from a Mystery Client.

Their challenge?

Design a garment to fit into this mix of clothing from a real woman’s closet.

The client?

She is not a model or celebrity. She has a passion for the fiber arts, is skilled in most, and, like many of us, welcomes advice and ideas on how to enhance her wardrobe.

No strings?

Of course, this challenge does have strings attached—parameters to help our panel design and create items that will perform for our client.

The client’s parameters?

Her favorite and core wardrobe pieces
Personal preferences
Her specs and sizes
Her coloring and color palette
Lifestyle and climate

The results!

Join our panel and learn as they share their processes—hurdles, breakthroughs, and results. Take home information and ideas to use as you work fiber-art elements—knit, woven, felted, and sewn—into your days and your wardrobe.

Are you planning to attend the Teachers a al Carte Luncheon, too? Purchase the Opening Day Spotlight and Luncheon option and save.