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Sunday 02/21/2016, 8:30 am - 11:30 am

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Stephen (West) & Steven(Be)

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Color Play the Flip ‘N Wear Way! (Berg & West) with Stephen (West) & Steven(Be)
This workshop is all about showing off beautiful yarns with simple techniques combined in clever ways. Techniques like stripes, slipped stitches, cabling, and intarsia will be explored and combined to create bold architectural fabrics. The Ste(ph)vens will also open your world up to the magic of mixification: combining yarns with different fiber contents to create a totally unique fabric.

A work-in-progress or finished project for show and tell (the desire to be admired is not required—but it is recommended!); an array of colorful scrap yarn for swatching (all kinds of yarn weights and fibers); various needle sizes; a notebook and pen or pencil for taking copious notes