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Sunday 08/07/2016, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Patty Lyons

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Knitting ER: Tragedy & Treatments with Patty Lyons
It's happened to everyone. The one thing that can stop our knitting and cause us to put our projects into a time-out—MISTAKES. Never fear simple mistakes again, as you learn how to take control of your knitting. You'll learn how to read your knitting and master the basics that every knitter needs to know: how to unknit, how to pick up a dropped stitch in stockinette, how to fix garter, how to fix a mistake in a stitch pattern such as rib or seed, and how to fix your stitch mounts to avoid twisted stitches. We'll also learn a few fancy tricks like picking up a dropped stitch at the end of your row or inserting a small needle to safely rip down to. Everyone makes mistakes, now learn that it doesn't have to ruin your knitting.

Light-colored, #4 (worsted-weight) or #5 (chunky-weight) yarn (no novelty or textured yarn); 5.5 or 6mm/US 9 or 10 needles (for worsted-weight yarn) OR 6.5 or 8mm/US 10.5 or US 11 needles (for chunky-weight yarn) for swatches AND needles a few sizes smaller.

Please bring in the following swatches (we will not have time to make the swatches in class).You will need to make the following 2 swatches. Do not bind off swatches. All swatches are to be put on a stitch holder or left on a needle, leave plenty of yarn attached to these swatches, we will be working on them in class.
Use US 9 or 10 needles with worsted weight yarn OR US 10.5 or 11 needles with chunky yarn to make your swatches.
Swatch 1: Garter stitch at least 18 stitches wide by 3" long.
Swatch 2: Stockinette.
Swatch 3: Rib swatch.