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Saturday 08/06/2016, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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*Weaving Lace

Franklin Habit

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Weave the Center, Knit the Edge: The Ligeia Stole Workshop (Part 2) with Franklin Habit
The Ligeia Stole brings together two ancient arts—weaving and knitting—to create a finished piece that's both striking and elegant. In this full-day workshop, designers Franklin Habit and John Mullarkey will guide you through all the necessary steps, from weaving and joining the beautifully patterned elements of the pin-woven center; through the knitting-on of the matched lace edging. You won't believe how simple the tools and techniques are, and how quickly your own treasured stole will come together. No previous weaving experience is required!
Note: This is a two-part class, you must also sign up for 6124-1 with John Mullarkey on Saturday AM. You cannot take one part without the other.
You must be comfortable knitting from lace charts.

One skein smooth, non-fuzzy fingering or DK yarn in white or a light solid or semi-solid color; natural fibers (or predominantly natural blends) are preferred. (One full skein will suffice for class; to complete the full stole, you will need approximately 1400 yds of your yarn of choice.) Three double-pointed knitting needles, length 6-8 inches, size US 3 or 4�or of whatever size gives you a drapey gauge suitable for lace with your yarn of choice. Scissors. Tapestry needle. Stitch markers. Notebook and pen or pencil for taking notes.

With yarn and needles of your choice, CO 9 sts. Work three complete repeats of homework edging chart and BO. (Blocking is optional.)