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Friday 08/05/2016, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Kennita Tully

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Loosen up with Asymmetry with Kennita Tully
You know asymmetry is hot! It's all over the runways in one form or another. It's time to free yourself from the box! Learn to spice it up with short rows, color changes, hem-length variations, and so much more. Get skewed with asymmetry!

We'll do some serious brainstorming on all the ways we can add asymmetry to our knits, then you'll have the chance to come up with some creations of your own! This class will explore some basic techniques to make it easy for you to challenge yourself to new levels. Learn to play with color sequences, patterning changes, ruffles, even pleats to skew your knit!

Worsted or sport weight yarn and appropriate size needles.