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Sunday 09/25/2016, 8:30 am - 11:30 am

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Steven Berg

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New Perspectives on Knitting with StevenBe with Steven Berg
Broaden your knitting horizon and change your life with StevenBe. This dynamic class is designed to be an amazing opportunity to have fun while learning StevenBe's and Westknits' favorite techniques and best tips and tricks. It will set you free from working patterns as written and help you feel comfortable making your own modifications and design decisions.

Experience the magic of mixology, taking a variety of yarns from different brands, weights, and fiber contents to create a magical and unique accessory or garment. Start with a base pattern from Stephen or Steven and learn different methods of creating angles and edges, adding new colors, and combining fibers in unique ways to customize the pattern—making it truly yours.

A Westknits or StevenBe base pattern. Some suggestions: Welty, Colonnade, Enchanted Mesa, Eyelet Ponchini, Tasseled Slouch & Cowl, Silk N' Scribbles (a base pattern supplied in class); a minimum of 3 yarns to work with, best to be a variety of weights or fiber contents. (Several fine strands can be combined in this project. Yarns should be chosen prior to class so we can begin immediately. More yarns can be added during class.); a variety of needle sizes will be needed so bring a good selection, even a crochet hook or two. An interchangeable set is always a good idea, with extra tips in 15, 17 and 19.