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Thursday 09/22/2016, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Steven Berg

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Sharves: StevenBe Shawl and Accessory Extravaganza with Steven Berg
View many of SteveBe's accessory patterns made up in a true trunk show. Experience Westknits as presented by SteveBe for a recap from our recent tour taught with Stephen West. Pick your favorite Westknits shawl and StevenBe accessory and begin your inspired knitting adventure. Receive hands-on tips and tricks. Steven will consult with each student to pick the perfect yarn combinations to create their own masterpieces. Students can expect a wonderful artistic class with a variety of projects to experience.
Steven uses popular shawl designs to talk about shape, construction, and drape. Students will knit a small triangular swatch while topics such as cast-ons, increases, bind-offs, and blocking are discussed.

1. A base pattern: Bring your favorite pattern that you have been dying to knit, as a guideline for creating your own customized knit. You can bring a cut-and-sew pattern from Simplicity or Vogue to use as a template. Bring images from fashion magazines and the Internet that inspire you. This will be the template for your design.
2. A minimum of 3 yarns to work with, in a variety of weights and fibers. Several fine strands can be combined in this project. Yarns should be chosen prior to class so we can begin immediately. More yarns can be added during class. Choose a color palette when bringing your stash, to make it cohesive. An unusual element like wire or cassette tape or any continuous strand to use as 'art fiber' in your creation is highly recommended.
3. A skein of practice yarn for experimenting with and for swatching discussed techniques.
4. A variety of needle sizes will be needed, so bring a good selection (we recommend an interchangeable set), and include a crochet hook or two.

We recommend that you practice with your chosen yarns and needles for a sampler swatch. Cast on 20 stitches and experiment with your various yarns by using them individually and also combining them on a variety of needle sizes to find your ideal fabric. This will acquaint you with which direction you would like to go with your design. These swatches will be assessed in the beginning of class by Steven to provide design direction.