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Thursday 09/22/2016, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Judith Durant

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Bead Knitting 101 with Judith Durant
Bead knitting is the way to go for creating pictorial designs. String beads following a charted design, then watch the pattern come alive as you knit (and purl) your piece. You can also use a random mix of beads to create a colorful and luscious beaded fabric. In this class you'll string beads onto your knitting yarn or thread, knit with a bead, purl with a bead and work a crochet beaded border.

Materials fee: $5 for beads and thread.

US size 0/2 mm knitting needles (two double-points work well); 2 mm crochet hook; tapestry needle; scissors

Materials fee: $5 for beads and thread.