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Thursday 09/22/2016, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


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Opening Day Spotlight only
MAKE YOUR MOVE To Sustainable Knitting
with Lorilee Beltman and Carson Demers

The message is simple: Knitting is a process that involves the whole body.

Sure, knitting is color and texture formed with needles and yarn into amazing patterns and flexible fabrics.

While your hands are busy making this magic happen, it's easy to forget that they connect to the rest of your body—until something hurts. A minor irritation—an ache here, a pain there, tingling fingers, or stiffness in your neck or elbow—can advance to a full-blown revolt.

The body is saying, “Whoa! This is NOT working.”

After explaining the fundamentals of how the body uses any tool, Carson will apply those rules to knitting. Video-cam close-ups on the big screen and interactive demonstrations make it easy to see what to do and what not to do.

On to the knitting! Carson and Lorilee both believe there is no one right way to knit. As long as you apply ergonomics, it doesn’t matter which hand holds the yarn or what needles you choose: any style can be healthy and efficient. Since this is about YOU making the moves, bring needles to experience how it feels when your hands and fingers have the support of your whole body. Soon you'll recognize how your body should feel and move as new muscle memories replace old patterns.

Your body is as much a tool as are needles and yarn. Learn to use these tools correctly, and you will knit comfortably, efficiently, and productively —regardless of your knitting style.

Whether we’ve knit for 25 minutes or 25 years, we all want to knit for at least 25 more!

Are you planning to attend the Teachers a al Carte Luncheon, too? Purchase the Opening Day Spotlight and Luncheon option and save.