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Friday 02/24/2017, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Edie Eckman

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Pattern Writing Workshop with Edie Eckman
Designers, make yourself understood! Knitters and crocheters, decipher those cryptic patterns! Do you struggle with the wording of patterns? Do you spend lots of time answering (or asking) questions? Is it possible to have too many words in a pattern, or too few? How do tech editors and test stitchers help clarify pattern language? What happens when designers don't really know how to make themselves understood? We will look at specific pattern examples for both knit and crochet and examine what works best in various situations. Students will have the opportunity to have their own patterns reviewed anonymously, and will receive suggestions to improve their pattern-writing skills. The benefit of having an entire class working together is that we get a variety of viewpoints!

note-taking materials; optional: laptop or tablet

Email Edie info@edieeckman.com an original pattern you would like to be "workshopped" in class (it can be done anonymously). If you don't have an original pattern, send a portion of a pattern that baffles you, or that you think could have been written more clearly. (If you choose this class, please let me set up a separate email account to receive the homework; I'll share that email address with you at that point.)