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Friday 02/24/2017, 8:30 am - 11:30 am

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Stacey Trock

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Knit your first top-down sweater! with Stacey Trock
Have you been wanting to knit a sweater, but feel... daunted? Then this is the class for you! We'll be knitting a miniature version of the easiest type of sweater to make: the top-down raglan. There are no seams to sew up and no separate sleeves to attach. You'll learn all of the basics of sweater-making: reading the pattern for properly-placed increases, discussing virtues of different types of increases, how to successfully separate the body and sleeves and tricks for picking up stitches with no tears! In this 3 hour class, you should expect to finish all of the tricky bits of your mini-sweater, and leave feeling confident to start your own one! Whether your goal is a baby sweater or one for yourself, you'll have all of the skills under your belt. I will teach this class using double-point needles. However, if you feel fully confident in an alternative technique (such as magic loop or two circulars), feel free to substitute. The course will not provide instruction for how to do these alternatives.

Approx. 200 yards of yarn (worsted) with appropriate size double point needles.

With worsted (medium) yarn and needles (size 5-7, your choice, preferably 7" long), CO 24 sts. Divide these sts between 3 dpns. Rounds 1-6: [K1, p1] 12 times. (24) leave stitches on your hook and come on in!