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Saturday 08/05/2017, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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*Embroidery, Needlepoint, Surface Design *Sewing-hand

Denise Bell

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Wrap Your Head Around Applique with Denise Bell
The oldest example of applique—an Egyptian funeral tent—dates to 980 BC and was made of gazelle hides. In the Calaveras class ("Calaveras" means skull, typically sugar skulls) we'll use the practice of contemporary needle turn applique, cotton scraps, embroidery thread, and our wild imaginations to create an appliqued square featuring a sugar skull as typically seen in Mexican celebrations.

Necessary class supplies include the following: scraps of cotton in a variety of colors and patterns INCLUDING a 6-inch square of black or dark blue cotton (solid or lightly patterned) for the background, and a white or off-white (solid or lightly patterned) 6-inch square of cotton for the skull itself. Also required are embroidery floss, or perle cotton in a range of bright colors, embroidery needles, applique needles, silk pins, sharp scissors for cutting fabric and paper, a pencil, and a thimble.