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Thursday 08/03/2017, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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*Knitting Design

Steven Berg

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Mix Your Six: A Game of Modifications with Steven Berg
You've heard Steven say it, now experience it: a pattern is only a guideline! Pick six things from our playlist to create your custom Mixify Menu and find playful ways to incorporate them into a base pattern from a StevenBe accessory or garment pattern. Free yourself from the traditional boundaries of the pattern by learning to modify the written instructions to make your imagination come to life. Steven will teach you his famous tips and tricks while you learn to let go and knit with wild creative abandon.

*A work-in-progress or finished project for show and tell (the desire to be admired is not required, but it is recommended!)
* A StevenBe pattern to use as a template (some suggestions:Shawlvest, Eyelet Ponchini, or Scharf). This pattern will be the foundation for your quick knit while incorporating your newfound freedom from the rules: your finished project may turn out nothing like you expected and even better than the original!
* Minimum of 3 yarns to work with, we love to experiment with a variety of weights and fiber contents. Yarns should be chosen and wound prior to the workshop so we can begin immediately. More yarns can be added during class. Choose a color palette when bringing your stash to make it cohesive. An unusual element like wire or cassette tape or any continuous strand to use as "art fiber" in your creation is highly recommended.
* A skein of smooth worsted weight yarn and needles to match for experimenting and swatching techniques
* A variety of needle sizes will be needed so bring a good selection (we recommend
an interchangeable set), even a crochet hook or two
* Also notebook or design sketchbook to keep notes, stitch markers, stitch holders, 2-3 tapestry needles of varying sizes (sharp, blunt, and large-eye), tape measure, scissors

We recommend that you practice with your chosen yarns and needles for a sampler swatch.

Cast on 20 stitches and experiment with your various yarns by using them individually and also combining them on a variety of needles to find your ideal fabric. This will acquaint you with the direction you would like to go with your design. These swatches will be assessed in the beginning of class by Steven to provide design direction.