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Friday 04/28/2017, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Mickey Depre

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Pieced Hexie—Tumbler with Mickey Depre
Learn how to take the Hexie to a whole new level with pieced Hexies.
Pieced Hexies add magic to English paper piecing. Wrapping a small quilt block around your papers to create a hexie that brings endless creativity to any English Paper Piecing project. The key is marking alignment guides so that each Pieced Hexie lines up. Let me show you how.
Together we will create TUMBLER Pieced Hexies and explore it's many possibilities. 
Students will leave class with their imagination running wild. “Pieced Hexies are a lot like potato chips…you can’t stop at just one. And making them keeps your hands busy and out of the chip bowl…so bonus-bonus!”
Note: Some English Paper Piecing experience would be helpful but not necessary. 

Materials fee: $10 for Hexie papers, hand needle sampler, thread, and thimble pad

Thread for basting (an odd spool you wish to use up; a bright contrasting color is best); thimble (if you don't have one I will have a possible solution for you); scissors for fabric cutting (at least 5-6" in length); rulers: 3.5" or 4" square AND/OR 1" x 6" small square ruler will be helpful AND 6" x 12" for fabric cutting
OPTIONAL: Clover Table-Top Needle Threader and a portable OTT light.

Patchwork/Quilting Basics:

ONE 3.5" square (center of rosette)
TWO 2" x 16" strips (2 different fabrics contrasting with other colors )
SIX 1 ½" x 3 ½" strips (this fabric should contrast the above strips and center)
In total, you will need FOUR different fabrics. By having them cut and ready to go we can move almost immediately into the numerous tips and tricks regarding all aspects of English Paper Piecing and Pieced Hexies.
Students have found using solid fabrics for this Pieced Hexie Rosette very beneficial for clearly seeing the design potential.
Materials fee: $10 for Hexie papers, hand needle sampler, thread, and thimble pad