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Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
5082 Easy Pick Your Knits and Purls: Continental Knitting Introduction Lorilee Beltman
When you learn continental knitting, you minimize your hand motions for a more comfortable, and perhaps a speedier way to knit.
Each finger has a job to do. Understand exactly which motions have a bearing on stitch gauge (it's not what you think!). Learn to even out your knitting by sizing your knits and purls equally. Learn how your choice of tools affects the outcome. Practice the knit stitch, then move on to purl, increases, decreases, and ribbing, practice is where efficiency really pays off.
Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
5282 Intermediate Round and Round "Wee" Go: DPNs, 2 Circs and Magic Loop Gwen Bortner
Knitting in the round on small circumferences can be challenging but it is a skill most knitters need in their bag of tricks. Double points can be intimidating. Using two circulars can be confusing. And magic loop is often a mystery.

Learn pros and cons as well as tips and tricks for each of these methods designed specifically for seamlessly knitting small-circumference pieces. Cast-on challenges and what to watch for will be discussed and tried for each method. Techniques for switching from one needle to the next will be covered as well. Come to class, try all three, and decide which is your favorite.
Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
4112 Easy Easy Peasy Beaded Bracelets Nicky Epstein
Join Nicky in creating a lovely, easy peasy beaded bracelet. You will learn a few easy beading techniques and walk away with a beautiful bracelet to wear or give as a gift!
Materials fee: $12.00 
Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
7053 No skills required Learn Rigid-heddle Weaving and Use Up Your Stash Deborah Jarchow
Use up those leftover balls of yarn, this method of weaving is easy, fun, and creative. Learn ways to combine different colors, textures, and fibers as you make a unique and beautiful scarf.
Note: Rigid-heddle looms provided for class use.
Lab fee: $10.00
Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
6108 Easy Basic Cable Techniques Sarah Peasley
Do you love those beautiful textures, but think cables are too difficult? Think again! Conquering cable knitting is simply a matter of knitting your stitches in the proper order.
Right leaning or left leaning, back and forth or in the round, with or without a cable needle, Sarah will help you get it all sorted out. And while we're at it, let's demystify those wacky chart symbols, and whip a few mis-crossed cables into shape.
Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
9017 Easy Learn to Sew Knit Garments using your Sewing Machine Jennifer Stern-Hasemann
If you're new to sewing clothes for yourself, this class is for you. Work with a variety of fabrics and notions following Jennifer's step-by-step guidance to help you get professional results sewing knit garments.
Knit fabrics are easy to work with because the raw edges do not fray. Built-in stretch makes them easy to fit. We'll start by discussing the best needles and notions to use, then talk about a variety of knits and how to use them. You will leave class with a reference binder full of knit samples that include a variety of seam treatments and finishing techniques. Your reference guide will take the mystery out of working with knits at home.
Note: Sewing machines provided for use in the classroom.
Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
6221 Intermediate The Beauty of Long Stitches (whiteside) Beth Whiteside
The size of our stitches in width and height is determined largely by the size of the needles we use. But there are some neat tricks we can use to make stitches bigger, to elongate them either across an entire row or in isolation on a stitch-by-stitch basis, and show off the color and texture of the yarn itself. In this class we'll look at several ways of making stitches longer and discuss when you might choose one technique over another. Then we'll look at how these long beautiful stitches can be slipped, twisted, crossed, wrapped and threaded to create fabulous fabric.
Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
6064 Advanced Twisted Traveling Stitches Anna Zilboorg
Austrian twisted travelling stitches create patterns in high relief that resemble woodcarvings. They can also provide a wonderful base for embroidery. They require a few special techniques (among them, how to interpret the special charts), careful knitting, and some practice, but are well worth the effort. This class will focus on flat knitting, which is much harder than working these patterns in the round but gives the greatest flexibility for usage. After a few exercises, we'll make a cell-phone cover that could easily turn into cuffs for an elegant sweater.
Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm NEW
2059 Easy Totally Tubular Lorilee Beltman
For crisp, professional edges on your knitted ribbing, tubular is the way to go. Students will learn and practice a tubular cast-on for both k1, p1 and k2, p2 ribbing. We will learn the method that requires no waste yarn nor crochet hook. On our swatches, we then learn and practice the tubular bind-off for each, so that our sweater beginnings and endings can look fabulous and match exactly.

The teacher's goal is to have the student understand and practice to the point of no longer needing to look up instructions. Skills learned in class: Judy's Magic Cast-on, Tubular Cast-on, Tubular Bind-off, Kitchener Stitch graft.
Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
4076 Easy Knit a Masterpiece from Leftover Yarns Gwen Bortner
If you knit enough projects, you have leftover yarn...a lot of it! Or maybe you just buy a single skein as a souvenir from each of your travels. But the question remains: What to do with all those bits, pieces, and odd skeins?

Class begins with learning how to organize the yarn for easier use. Next, working with the yarn brought to class, experiment with different fabrics that only require a minimal amount of any given yarn. Finally, discuss options for utilizing the fabrics to create a masterpiece project.
Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm NEW
3140 Intermediate Mapping Lace Scarves J C Briar
Traditional lace charts can be tricky to decipher, especially if they contain “no-stitch” symbols. But stitch maps are different. These special grid-free charts unlock the secrets of lace patterns, exposing landmarks and other aids to successful lace knitting. Learn about stitch maps, and become skilled in using them to minimize mistakes while knitting. Practice in class by designing and starting a simple lace scarf.
Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm NEW
8084 Intermediate Join-as-You-Go Crochet Lily Chin
Most crocheters avoid seaming like the plague. When working motifs such as granny squares, the sewing seems daunting. Learn how to join as you go for many situations. Join a new piece to the left, to the right, to the top or the bottom of an existing piece.
Command of basic crochet skills is required.
Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm NEW
6136 Intermediate Treasuring Stitch Dictionaries Edie Eckman
Stitch dictionaries. You've seen them: books filled with intriguing stitch patterns, rows of baffling text, and perhaps charts that look unfamiliar. Maybe you even own one or three. But what to do with such a book? Learn how to go about turning a stitch pattern on a page into a finished object, and how to choose a pattern. Find out what multiples are all about, why charts are your friends, and how to adapt back-and-forth directions into knitting-in-the-round directions. We'll look at examples of many different stitch dictionaries. You'll leave ready to delve into that untapped treasure on your bookshelf.
Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm NEW
3147 Intermediate Mastering Necklines Barry Klein
A lovely sweater ends in a great neck treatment. Or is it the beginning? The collar frames the face letting the wearer shine. Let's approach neck shaping—from turtleneck to open-V and find the best placement, shape, and how to achieve them.
Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm NEW
2069 Easy Gauge Rage to Gauge Rave Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby
Nothing is more infuriating than getting to the end of a crochet or knitting project and discovering that pullover just became a maxi dress (ACK!). Or that your pattern calls for X number of stitches and rows per inch and your swatch differs by a full 3 or 4 stitches or rows and you just have to make this project because it's perfect for you and you really, really, REALLY want to wear it to STITCHES or you'll just DIE!! That feeling is what we call Gauge Rage! Yes, gauge can be frustrating and that frustration often manifests as Gauge Rage. As a matter of fact, questions about fixing or adjusting gauge are among those we are asked most frequently; and that totally makes sense considering achieving correct gauge is the key to a successful project. Without proper gauge, your fabric will not come out the same as that picture in that perfect pattern and your weeks of work will yield less than happy results… and ain't nobody got time for that! In this class, we'll answer the questions that we encounter most frequently. Supplying you with practical, real-world solutions for Gauge Rage. Using worksheets that will walk you through the process of checking, calculating, and even re-calculating gauge when necessary. And we'll turn your Gauge Rage into Gauge Raves.
Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm NEW
4108 Intermediate Old School Cuff-to-toe Socks Sarah Peasley
Plain old vanilla socks may sound boring, but traditional, cuff-down, heel-flap socks are an excellent first-sock project, an ideal choice for on-the-go knitting, and a great way to connect to knitters of yore (although sock yarn is WAY more fun now than it used to be!). Use double-pointed needles to knit a sock from the cuff down. Start with a ribbed cuff, turn a perfect heel (without that pesky hole at the corner!), and finish with a round toe. You'll make a mini sock in class, and you'll leave with the information needed to make your own custom-fit cuff-down socks!
Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm NEW
9005 Easy Easy Fit and Sew Tank Top Jennifer Stern-Hasemann
Sewing a comfortable and flattering tank top is easier than you'd think! Using my Easy to Fit and Sew Tank Top Pattern, this top offers 2 style variations—fitted with a gathered neckline or a relaxed fit. You'll have the opportunity to try on samples to find your best starting size and style. Then I’ll show you simple adjustments to fine-tune your pattern for a flattering, comfortable fit. Use those adjusted pattern pieces to cut out and sew your new favorite tank. 

I’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing the right fabric; stretch knit is included in your kit. Learn tricks and tips to get professional results to sew knit garments with your sewing machine. 
Note: Sewing machines provided for use in classroom.
Materials fee: $35 Includes pattern, tracing paper, knit fabric, and step-by-step instructions
Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm NEW
8087 Easy Learn to Bead Crochet Stacey Trock
You may not have heard of bead crochet...but once you see it, you're going to want to do it yourself! Bead crochet is a technique that creates beautiful ropes of crocheted beads.

Learn how to create a basic rope which will be a fabulous piece that you can wear as necklace or bracelet,  the basics of selecting beads, how to string beads for a lovely spiral pattern, and how to crochet a simple rope. We'll also cover how to finish off your piece of jewelry.
Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm NEW
4107 Easy Bead Knitted Bag Myra Wood
I'll show you how to add beads to your knitting, the fun and fast way, while making this wonderful little bead knitted bag. You'll learn several methods for adding beads to thread or yarn and how to knit the beads into your stitches. I'll also cover finishing the bags and adding a strap. This is definitely a potato chip project! There's no way you can make just one.
Materials fee: $5 for bag kit including beads, threader, crochet cotton, and pattern.
Thursday 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm
No skills required One Stitch at a Time Nicky Epstein
Join Nicky for a visual journey through her colorful knitting career. Along with slides of her beautiful work, you can see how the actual garments fit and flatter many bodies as volunteers slip them on. Nicky will then continue the discussion and share details of her process.

Whenever the knitting landscape changes, Nicky’s designs are reimagined and her favorite techniques are adapted—one stitch at a time.
Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
6122 Intermediate Shetland Sky and Sea Denise Bell
The themes of sky and sea are frequently represented in Shetland designs. Would you expect anything less from the beautiful but hard-to-reach islands located where the Atlantic Ocean meets the North Sea?
In this fine-lace class, we'll look at 2 traditional Shetland stitches: the Bird's Eye and the Cockleshell. Both stitches involve patterning on every row and require a bit of concentration, but are well worth the effort!
Note: Students must be able to work standard increases and decreases, be proficient at chart
reading, and have experience with lace-weight yarn.
Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
2067 Intermediate Colorful Cast-ons Lorilee Beltman
When knitting a project do you feel you're not getting to the fun part until well after the cast on? Try these colorful cast-ons to add interest to the project, and to add extra entertainment value for you, the knitter.

We'll make swatches, so you'll be able to apply the techniques learned to add a modern touch of color to your next garment. Or, by adding colors to the cast-on edge, you can introduce colors that appear later in piece. The options are so plentiful that there is more in the handout than we have time to get discuss, but we'll choose our favorites and proceed at a good clip.

Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
5283 Easy Personalized Pattern Perfection Steven Berg
Found a pattern that's almost perfect but not quite - whip it into submission! The shape is right but you want to use a different stitch, or the yarn is too boring, or the fit is just a little off - everyone's been there. Enter StevenBe, master of the substitution. In this workshop, Steven will guide you through taking your pattern and making it perfect with an artful use of short rows, stitch patterns, gauge modifications, yarn substitutions, and other techniques. You will leave this workshop with the confidence and chutzpah it takes to wrangle any pattern into submission as well as a newfound comfort with the best ways to modify any pattern.
Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
6216 Advanced Bohus Knitting Techniques Anne Berk
The Bohus Knitting collective created a unique style in the 1960's using yoke construction, stranded knitting technique, and custom fingering-weight yarn in a merino-angora blend. Original sweaters have become collector's items, and modern knitters seek to emulate the rich colorwork and subtle shading achieved with the fine yarns and use of both knit and purl stitches in the stranded charts.

This class covers how to read and design charts in the Bohus style, how to strand with more than two yarns at a time, the merits of pullovers versus cardigans (to steek or not to steek?), what modern yarns are suitable for Bohus-style knitting, and buttonhole choices for cardigans.

We'll examine sweaters knit from original Bohus patterns and swatch a Bohus-style chart. This is not a history class, but it will give knitters the tools to navigate this challenging style with confidence.
Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
8048 Intermediate Single-crochet Entrelac Marly Bird
Try something different. Crochet a fabric that resembles basket-weave! Entrelac isn't only for knitters.
Get the look of basic entrelac with a crochet hook and single crochet! Amaze your friends with your new-found crochet skill. Create striking blankets, accessories, and garments. And have fun!
Note: Must have a good command of basic crochet skills.
Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
5248 Easy Knitting Hacks with Gwen Gwen Bortner
Necessity is said to be the mother of invention, but I might argue that actually laziness is! As a 'lazy knitter' I have developed a number of tricks and techniques that I use regularly to either speed up my progress, simplify my knitting, or ultimately make it neater with no additional effort. My best hacks do all three!

Join me to learn what I have developed to speed up finishing, minimize mistakes, and keep track of my projects. Some methods may be old, some may be new, but all of them will improve your efficiency.
Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
1002 No skills required Intro to Color Laura Bryant
"You don't get WOW by doing the expected." Color brings life and excitement to our work, yet many knitters and crocheters proceed cautiously.

Presented in tangible and visual terms, Laura illustrates why color combinations work or fail. While a basic understanding of the color wheel is useful, this class offers a new way of sorting and building color relationships.

You'll never look at color the same way as you gain confidence and achieve a deeper understanding of color and perception.
Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
8086 Intermediate Easy, Effective Crochet Edgings Lily Chin
Have problems trimming your projects without puckers or ripples? Want more ideas for some trims? Trims put a "frame" around any project so this finishing touch is that final touch that can take something from home-made to hand-made. Get the skinny on some interesting, new and different ways to dress up all kinds of crochet. There is no need to go through contortions for fancy-schmancy intricacies that can overwhelm a project. There is no need for really large stitch multiples for huge pattern repeats. These are fun and simple, yet accessible.
Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
4056 Easy Knit a Square Create a Cuddly Creature Nicky Epstein
Knit a square and create a cuddly creature from Nicky Epstein's newest book! Learn how to make a variety of animals using just one square!
Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
7100 Easy Weaving a Mohair Scarf Deborah Jarchow
While learning to weave, you’ve probably been advised to stay away from hairy yarns. During this class, you’ll learn the secrets of working with beautiful mohair yarn. Although a bit tricky, you can tame the hairy fiber in both warp and weft to create a stunning piece. Learn to add beads or tie decorative knots to tame the fringe. Overcome the challenges and add another skill to your weaving accomplishments!
Note: Rigid-heddle looms provided for class use.
Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
3146 Intermediate From Sewing Pattern to Knitting Pattern Barry Klein
When you begin with a sewing pattern as your template for a sweater or cardigan much of the proportion and silhouette work is done.

We'll break into groups, open up patterns, and discuss the conversation from sewing to knitting –talking about yarn choices, pattern stitch options, swatches, and swatching, and ideas to make it all work.  Once swatches are done, we'll talk and work the math to turn the sewing pattern/template into a knitting pattern.
Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
8077 Intermediate Crochet Cables 101: Put a Little Twist In Your Stitches! Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby
We all love the look of those luscious, sumptuous cables on sweaters, afghans, hats, scarves and...well...we just love cables! What's that? You thought cables were only for knitters? Not so! We will learn to wield our hooks to create these wonders of twisted yarn in ways previously reserved for those with pointy sticks (knitters).

We will swirl left- and right-crossing cables then work our way up to wide cables with stabilizing stitches. Finally, you'll put your cables together to create stunning fabrics .
You will leave class with the knowledge and skills necessary to add these useful and stunning design elements to your bag of stitching tricks.
* Understand the concept of cabling and how it works in crochet fabric through the use of post stitches
* Work sample block with different combinations of left twists and right twists to create beautiful cable patterns
Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
7121 No skills required Drop It Like It's Hot: Introduction To Spinning with a Drop Spindle Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby
Since the very first humans noticed that fluffy animals looked warmer than they did, we've been collecting that fluff to turn it into warm coverings for ourselves. Being the crafty creatures we are, after playing with rocks and sticks, we created the perfect tool for turning fluff into yarn and invented the drop spindle...TA DAAA!!! A lot has changed since the days of sticks and rocks but one thing that has remained the same is how much we LOVE yarn. Right? Right! Now, imagine being able to make your own custom yarn for your crochet, knitting, and weaving projects. Yes, in this class we're gonna grab some fluff, and a drop spindle (a slightly more advanced stick), and make yarn! This class is a hands-on experience for beginners who want to know how to make their own yarn with a simple drop spindle. We'll start with talking about the basics of how to transform fluff into yarn, then we'll dive right in and play with the fuzzy stuff. WOOHOO! Come prepared to learn and have fun! As a beginner it is completely expected that you will drop your spindle, knot your yarn, laugh, and possibly even use a few words those first humans didn't know. But, by the end of class you will have made your very first sample of custom-made yarn. Welcome to the club...
Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
7125 No skills required The How, What, Why, and When of Yarn! Natalie Redding
This in-depth and comprehensive look at fleece, fiber, and yarns focuses on the protein fibers that constitute most of them. Learn: How the major fiber producing breeds (or species) originated to become major contributors of fiber for textiles and yarns; What the properties (micron, elasticity, ability to uptake dye) of these fibers makes them suitable for specific finished items; Why these fibers are economically significant and the reasons they are regional in origination and manufacturing; and When you should use certain fibers/combination of fibers as well as yarn weight, composition, stitch type for your end use.

During class, there will be extensive examination of the raw fleeces and fiber types which make up the most popular protein-fiber yarn types. Students will be able to handle and really see components in their rawest form. Further, they’ll be shown the physics of yarn twist and plying via demonstration of these fibers. This hands-on flleece and fiber education crucial for teaching knitters, crocheters and weavers the basics of the animal fibers they work with.
Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
9013 Easy How to use Your Measurements to Draft Your New Favorite Skirt Jennifer Stern-Hasemann
Let’s make a skirt pattern that you can sew into a great-fitting straight skirt. If you’ve never tried pattern drafting, this is the perfect beginning project! You'll pair-up to take a set of body measurements, then use those measurements to draft your own basic straight skirt pattern. After lunch, use your pattern to cut out and sew a custom muslin. You will leave class with your completed personal skirt pattern and perfectly fitting muslin.

The Skirt Draft Workbook
includes step-by-step instructions with a variety of waistline treatments, and how to draft them using your front and back skirt pattern pieces. If straight skirts are not your thing—no worries—see how to easily add fullness for an A-line or flared silhouette. Plus, enjoy a trunk show of a variety of skirts designed using my custom straight skirt pattern. You’ll be amazed at the many different designs you can create using your new custom-fit straight skirt pattern.
Note: Sewing machines provided for use in classroom.

Materials fee: $25 includes the Skirt Draft Workbook, pattern paper, and muslin
Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
9006 Easy Garment Sewing Basics Katrina Walker
Let's learn the basics - seams, seam finishes, hems and darts! These skills are the foundation for successful sewn garments. If you'd like to learn, practice or simply refresh these skills - this class is for you! Build a detailed take-home reference notebook with hands-on samples and full written instructions (provided) as you sew your way to success. Taught by the instructor of Craftsy's popular "Sew Smarter". Note: Sewing machines provided for class use.
Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
1070 Intermediate Gradient Magic Myra Wood
Gradient yarns are known for their long repeats where the colors change slowly and form bands of color across the fabric as you knit. You can create stunning fabric with little effort–and probably have already–but there are ways to knit them into even more stunning color results.

Myra shares the magic!
Learn how to make the best of these ombre and self-striping yarns by breaking them apart into smaller balls. It will appear like you have many different colors of the same yarn. You will practice different techniques and stitch patterns to see how much power these colorful yarns pack in just a single ball.
Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
2024 Easy Embroider your Knitting Anna Zilboorg
Embroidery has been used always and everywhere to embellish fabric, while knitting has been left bare save for a few lazy daisies and French knots. In this class we'll integrate simple embroidery stitches into simple knit stitches to create many different effects, both new and wonderful. Learn to incorporate back stitch, cable chain, Palestrina knot, cross stitch flower, and others into ribs, cables, and other stitches whether you are right- or left-handed.
Friday 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm NEW
8081 Easy Straight-Edge Crochet Edie Eckman
Does your crochet wobble at the edges? Do you lose stitches or gain stitches without realizing it? You aren't alone! Fortunately, there's a fix for that. Edie will explain the most common causes of wonky edges, and you'll get some hands-on practice in learning how to prevent them.
Friday 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm NEW
5201 Intermediate Care to Join Me? Sarah Peasley
The end of the skein. Changing to a new color. A knot or a thin spot in the yarn. You can't avoid it—at some point you'll have to join a new strand of yarn to your knitting. What's the best way to do that? How do you avoid join-related issues, like knots, bumps, jogs, or twisted stitches? What works best for stockinette, cables, or Fair Isle? Practice a variety of joins, then compare and contrast the effects and discuss the pros and cons of each. Weaving in ends will be mentioned in passing, but is not the main focus of this class. Join the ranks of smarter, more confident knitters, with Sarah as your guide!
Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
5150 Intermediate Never Look Up the Kitchener Stitch Again! Lorilee Beltman
Do you have to look up instructions for the Kitchener Stitch graft every time you work it? Learn this essential skill, then memorize it by using economized moves and training your eyes and fingers to work together. We'll work it in stockinette stitch first, proceed to garter stitch, and then work one option for grafting ribbing. Imagine being able to take a phone call while grafting. You can do it! Realize this is not a class for grafting in any pattern, but rather it is aimed at an understanding and to memorizing the basics.

Once you have become comfortable with the technique, we'll look at existing patterns for opportunities to refine your knitting. You can plan your way to a more professional, finished look by exchanging one of these grafts for what is called for in the pattern.
Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
5141 Easy Four Play: How to Master DPN's Marly Bird
Let Marly show you how to master those double-pointed needles. No more dropped needles, lost stitches, or unsightly runs in your knitting! Learn a unique, never-fail cast-on; how to keep the stitches between each needle join snug; and how a few tips and tricks along the way can help in your future knitting projects.
Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
6006 Intermediate Entrelac Basics Gwen Bortner
Have you always wanted to learn entrelac but thought it would be too hard? Whether a beginner or advanced knitter, this class is for you. During this class, each student will have the opportunity to knit a small project to gain hands-on experience in the entrelac technique. Participants will learn the seamless entrelac technique and basic entrelac construction. Hints and tips on the fine points of entrelac, a discussion of other project possibilities, and an overview of knitting in both directions will also be included.
Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
1060 Easy Color Gradations Laura Bryant
Join Laura and learn how to control a large group of colors, shading artfully and gradually from one color to another. We’ll employ Half Linen Stitch to create small dots of color that allow for optical mixture. Shift from light to dark or from hue to hue or any which way you choose. Laura’s tips will have you making your own controlled long-repeat stripes in no time!
Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
4103 Intermediate Morphing a Mobius Candace Eisner Strick
A mobius shawl? What the…… ?? It’s true; it can be done, and you get the geometric beauty of a mobius framing your face. Factor in the added benefit that it will keep your shawl on your shoulders through a hurricane! In this class we will learn the super-easy cast-on to start your mobius from the spine and work outwards. Learn when and how many stitches to bind-off so you can morph directly into a shawl. The knitting is pleasant and easy to do, and it yields spectacular results.
Note: Must be familiar with circular knitting.
Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
4113 Easy La Vie En Rose Technique Bag Nicky Epstein
Learn the following variety of color-work techniques: 2-color folded hem, 2-row striping, 2-color flat Fair Isle, Peeries, mosaic, French Scribble, intarsia and a few fun finishing techniques!
Materials fee: $15.00
Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
7124 Easy Spinning Gradients Janel Laidman
Spinners, do you love those beautiful gradient yarns with long color repeats? Learn 3 different ways to make a gradient and few other color tricks as well, “fake Noro”, fractal stripe, and a little bit of color theory. We’ll also talk about how to keep your gradients matchy matchy in a knitted garment.
Materials fee: $25 for dyed fibers.
Note: Must be able to spin a continuous yarn
Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
8069 Easy Couture Finishing for Knit and Crochet Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby
Master sewists and finishers work for years to perfect their finishing skills, and they are sought out by couture designers for those skills to give their work the flawless finishes it deserves. Likewise, you've worked hard to make your stitching skills the best they can be so you can produce FAB fabrics for your handmade projects. Now it's time to bring those finishing skills up to the next level.

There is no arguing the point that FAB finishing is the key to producing handmade projects that have that extra little something that makes them stand out from the crowd. In our Couture Finishing class, we will share with you the professional finishing skills we use every day in our design studio to create the Shibaguyz Designz line of crochet and knit garments, accessories, and home decor.

We will break down each step of the finishing process from blocking to weaving in ends to flawless seaming and will take the drudgery out of finishing to help make the finishing process just as much fun as the stitching. Imagine your satisfaction when you stand back and look at the flawless finishing techniques that make your project look like it was made by the hands of a pro! Yup...we're going to share it all...our professional finishing secrets learned from years and years of couture hand sewing will be revealed to YOU! You will be able to use these professional finishing techniques to take your skills from good to great...even FAB!
Goals  Understanding and application of professional finishing techniques: * Blocking
* End Cap Finishing Stitch
* Locking Mattress Stitch and Mattress Stitch for sewing invisible seams
* Setting in uneven seams (like sleeve caps!)
* Setting in the perfect zipper and customizing zipper length
Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
7123 No skills required Redding Method of Dyeing Nabori: Creating Patterns on Silk Natalie Redding
Hand-dyeing silk fabric into lovely patterns and colors is an art! The Redding Method Nabori combines multicultural methods of tying and binding the silk to result in visually interesting and creative dyed patterns. Natalie shows you the different types of silk, their history and make-up, and the most suitable methods for resist dyeing. You will create a variety of lovely fabrics and develop ideas for more when you return home.
Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
9012 Easy Fabulous Fit for Women Katrina Walker
Successful garment sewing requires great fit! Learn the steps to fitting your bodice and identifying required pattern adjustment areas. You will build a reference notebook as you practice making pattern alterations for common fitting challenges, including a full-bust adjustment that really works—no gaposis! Katrina is a Palmer/Pletsch Certified Fit Instructor.

Materials fee $15 for detailed reference notebook and all supplies
Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
5281 Intermediate Knitting with Beads, Every Which Way But Loose Myra Wood
Bead Knitting and Beaded Knitting; what’s the difference? Find out, along with learning how to add beads to your knitting using different pre-strung bead techniques. Bling up your knitting and make jewelry too. We’ll start by learning how to add beads to yarn from pre-strung beads and how to pre-string beads for multi-color patterns. We move on to the logic of knitting with beads – the easiest methods and then build up to more intricate patterning, and how to place it into circular and lace knitting. We’ll work on a sampler so you can experiment with the various methods in class and you’ll leave with complete directions and a pattern for knitting a scarf with beads.
Friday 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
5278 No skills required Tink Drop Frog J C Briar
Experienced knitters know how to recover from mistakes. You, too, can be an experienced knitter. Learn the three essential recovery techniques: tink, drop, and frog. Practice on swatches and in simple situations to gain the confidence needed to tackle bigger disasters, and the ability to judge which technique to use when.
Friday 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
8080 Easy Foundation Crochet Stitches Edie Eckman
Frustrated by your too-tight foundation chains? Wish you knew a way to start your crochet without that little wormy chain? Foundation crochet stitches are beautifully flexible and serve as a great alternative to the standard foundation chain. Learn how to make single and double foundation stitches, and how to use them. It will change your crocheting life!
Note: Must know chain, single and double crochet.
Friday 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
2062 Intermediate BLOCK PARTY! Sarah Peasley
How do you wash your knitting? How confident are you in your blocking skills? Participate in an eye-opening demo and a practical discussion about options for laundering and blocking your hand knits; including tools, techniques, interpretation of those cryptic laundry symbols, and a basic tutorial on different types of fiber.
Friday 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm     SOLD OUT
No skills required Fashion Show and Dinner Ticket  
This exciting runway show comes complete with fabulous door prizes!
Friday 10:01 pm - 11:59 pm
No skills required Pajama Party Marly Bird
Kick off your shoes, slide on your slippers or sleeper socks, and join us for an energetic after-hours evening of games, prizes, and laughter! Relax with old friends or come and make new ones. Hosted by Marly Bird.
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
6123 Advanced Shetland Lace: A Londoner's Approach Denise Bell
Shetland lace knitting is a beloved tradition with a unique construction method. In 1975 Gladys Amedro, originally of London, moved to the island of Yell in Shetland and began designing Shetland lace using a combination of traditional and non-traditional methods. In this class we will knit a swatch using Mrs. Amedro's method of working from the edge to the center.
Lace-weight merino yarn will be supplied by the teacher.
Note: Students must be able to work standard increases and decreases, read a basic chart, and have experience with lace-weight yarn.
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
6208 Intermediate Fun Fabrics for Continental Knitters Lorilee Beltman
Any style of knitting is equally valid. One should always knit in the style that pleases them. If you are a continental knitter, I invite you to explore with me some knitting textures and patterns that are, if I may be frank, a bit easier or more swiftly accomplished in the continental style. We're talking about textures that involve lots of needle gymnastics, or lots of bringing the yarn forward and backward.
I've hunted for textures and colorwork that you are unlikely to have tried before. Among them: Tunisian knit stitch, Estonian lace with nupps, and colorwork variations. Come ready to play.
Note: You must be comfortable knitting in continental style.
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
3141 Easy Big City Knits in a Hot Minute Steven Berg
No rules fun, fast, and furious knit and crochet with StevenBe! Capture this season's hot trends right off the runway and make them this weekend! Explore the use of large circular knitting needles and with uber chunky yarns and combinations of fibers that will blow your mind. You will be inspired by his creative use of both traditional and non-traditional fibers and how to use them in unconventional ways.
This workshop is intended to power up your creative juices and boost your imagination into overdrive. You will become comfortable using unconventional yarns with unconventional gauges and needle sizes and cast on simple knits with unusual techniques and Glitter Knitter flair that capture the concept of relaxing and thoroughly enjoying your knitting. Steven will review current trends and hot projects from his designer collections. This fashion and art presentation is interjected with anecdotes from Steven's past in the world of high fashion and the inspiration he finds in his travels around the world. Break free from the rules of the pattern because there's no such thing as mistakes, only variations!
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
5241 No skills required Gauge Master Class Anne Berk
You know the importance of stitch gauge to manage the fit and size of a garment, but do you know how to gain and use that knowledge? This class will give you tips to efficiently knit and measure your gauge swatches to reveal their secrets for successful knitting results. Stitch, row, and yarn gauges will all be covered, using multiple weights of yarn and needles of different sizes. You will knit swatches and compare your results with classmates to see how gauge differs from knitter to knitter. Learn to use gauge to calculate the amount of yarn needed for any section of your project. Gauge mastery is fun, and you will be amazed at how much you will learn in the process of swatching!
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW     SOLD OUT
6210 Easy Beginning Brioche (Briar-retired) J C Briar
Brioche knitting creates cushy fabric suitable for comfy garments and all sorts of cozy accessories. Done in two colors, it creates vertical stripes, even though only one color is used at a time. Take this class to learn all the basics: working brioche rib in one or two colors; maintaining tidy selvedges; fixing mistakes; working pretty increases and decreases; and casting on and binding off effectively. You'll practice by knitting a small sample in class, but take away the skills needed to complete a lovely patterned scarf.
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
9050 Intermediate Fabrics United Laura Bryant
Combining multi-media fashion is hot! Knit, woven, crochet or felt pieces may pose particular challenges. Join Laura as you learn three techniques to combine fabrics and finish your garments like a pro. The emphasis will be on beautiful joins, and will cover both machine- and hand-sewing although hand-sewing will be done in class.
Materials Fee: $3 for instructor-supplied finishing materials.
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
5231 Intermediate The Savvy Pick-up Lily Chin
Many Knitters have trouble picking up stitches from an existing knit piece. How many stitches do you pick up? Where do you pick up? Learn simple solutions for easing around curves. Make smoother transitions from cast on edges. See how picking up stitches ahead of time can even aid seaming! Even get an idea for creative uses of picking up after the fact within the fabric.
In class we will work a multiple of short rows methods, including garter, Japanese and German short rows, discovering which one is best suited to your tension and/or project. We will also learn ways to sneak short rows into your knitting with surprising results.
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
8068 Easy Crochet Confidence Edie Eckman
You've got the basic crochet stitches down pat, but you still have questions. How do I tell the right side from the wrong side? Why are my edges crooked? How do I decrease without making a hole? How do I weave in ends invisibly and securely? How do I read a pattern? If these and similar questions plague your crochet, now's the time to clear up the confusion. No matter your level of crochet experience, if you have questions, then this is the class for you! You may even find answers to questions you didn't know you had. Crocheters of all experience levels are welcome. Leave class ready to tackle your next project with confidence! (Students enrolled in the Craft Yarn Council's Certified Instructors Program will find this class helpful.)
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
5229 Intermediate Thumbs-Up Continental Knitting Candace Eisner Strick
Learn continental knitting and purling the Candace-way that eliminates almost all motion. Two fingers do it all, and one is your thumb! You won't believe how lazy your wrists will become once they stop doing all the exercise! Your knitting and purling will become so smooth and fast that you will be begging to knit a seed stitch full-length coat.
Note: Must be willing to use the non-dominant hand.
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
7101 Easy Color Blending on the Loom Deborah Jarchow
Learn the secrets for blending the colors in your weaving. Have you looked at some of the gorgeous color packs so many dyers are making and wondered how to best use them in your weaving? By using one of those color packs and the techniques you learn in this class, you can create a piece that blends the colors beautifully! Colors will be mixed in both the warp and the weft so the gradients flow together almost invisibly. This technique can provide the basis for many future exciting projects!
Note: Rigid-heddle looms provided for class use.
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
8070 Easy Tunisian Crochet from Beginning to End Barry Klein
This class will take you through all of the basic techniques of Tunisian Crochet. We'll begin with yarn selection, proceed to changing directions, and explore variations from there. We will look at accessories for the home, wearable garments, and different styles of Tunisian Crochet and how they will fit into your future.
Note: Must have a good command of basic crochet skills.
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
3133 Easy Alter It to Fit Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby
You want to crochet and knit garments that REALLY fit your body. In this class we'll teach you how to do that. Period. Need more than that? Read on...We will show you how to evaluate a pattern then make the necessary adjustments so it actually fits YOU! We'll teach you the basics of fashion, fit, form, and function that we use daily as fashion designers so you can see a pattern and make sure it fits YOUR body before you ever pick up your hooks, needles, and yarn. You will be able to look at a pattern and do a "virtual try on" to KNOW if it's going to work for your body based on how the finished garment will sit on your body and how your body moves around inside that finished garment. When you come to class you'll receive a copy of "The Shibaguyz' FAB Fit System for Altering and Designing Crochet and Knit Patterns", a comprehensive series of easy-to-follow fit worksheets and templates that include the formulas we use every day to go from concept to finished pattern. We'll walk you through this step-by-step process for taking proper measurements and applying them to your pattern. We'll also give you our magic shaping formula that will ensure you can make any alteration to any pattern with ease. We'll even show you how to order the right amount of yarn for your newly personalized project.

By the end of class you will know how to to alter any pattern to fit YOUR body!
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
3145 Intermediate No-Sew Set-in Sleeves Sarah Peasley
Are you tired of trying to figure out how to sew in a set-in sleeve? Have you ever tried to design one from scratch? Those bell curves and ratios can drive you nutty! Learn how to design an armhole to fit YOUR body, then pick up and knit a perfect set-in sleeve from the top down with very little math, and no unsightly seams! Armhole shaping variations, alternative stitch patterns, and sleeve decrease calculations will also be discussed.
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
9033 Easy How to Use Your Measurement to Draft Your New Favorite Skirt Jennifer Stern-Hasemann
Let's make a great-fitting straight-skirt pattern that you can use to sew your new favorite skirt. If you've never tried your hand at drafting a pattern, this is the perfect project for you! We’ll pair up to take a set of body measurements, use those measurements to draft a basic straight skirt pattern, then use your personal pattern to cut and sew a custom skirt muslin. You will leave class with a completed skirt pattern and muslin that fits perfectly. The Skirt Draft Workbook includes step-by-step instructions for a variety of waistline treatments and how to draft them using your front and back skirt pattern pieces. If straight skirts are not your thing, no worries, see how easy it is to add fullness at the hem to create an A-line or flared silhouette. Plus, enjoy a trunk show of a variety of skirts that I designed using my custom straight skirt! You'll be amazed at the different designs you can create using your new custom-fit straight-skirt pattern.
This class can be combined with 9062 Garment Making 101 for hands-on sewing time.
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
3052 Intermediate Creative Knitting: Crazy Quilt Style Myra Wood
Learn how to design and knit in different directions to make a unique fabric based on an overall template rather than a specific pattern. A basic template will be provided to make a pillow or purse, but you'll learn how to make your own clothing templates as well.
Learn to combine triangles, squares, and rectangles to fill your shape like a jigsaw puzzle or traditional crazy quilt. We'll discuss how to knit shapes to exact sizes, ways to join as you go, and finishing and embellishing to complete your wearable work of art. You'll never look at your knitting (or your stash) the same way again!
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
5103 Intermediate Surprisingly Special Techniques Anna Zilboorg
Learn techniques that Anna has found more useful than she ever imagined. Most important is the perfect buttonhole—and it IS a perfect buttonhole. It is helpful if students have some experience with kitchener stitching, but even without it, one can make almost perfect buttonholes that never sag and always close. There is also a k1, p1 rib with neat, even stitches; easy wrapping for clusters—once, twice, and thrice; knitting backwards with 2 colors (never purl Fair Isle again); plus other hints which are more or less arcane but no less useful.
Saturday 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm
No skills required - A guided tour with Rick Mondragon Rick Mondragon
Welcome to a fiber-arts adventure full of ideas! is the label and the web address. Join Rick Mondragon for a guided tour through this new XRX, Inc. endeavor.
Saturday 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm NEW
9011 Easy Cotton Chic Katrina Walker
Learn the secret to making chic clothes from quilting cotton! They provide us with a virtually unlimited array of gorgeous prints—many perfect for garments when you make the right choices.  

Learn how to interpret cotton broadcloth prints into chic, flattering garments that have unmistakable style and character.
Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
6207 Intermediate Colorful Cables Three Ways Lorilee Beltman
You don't have to choose between texture and color in your knitting. You can have both. We'll knit 3 swatches, worked flat. In one swatch, we'll work 2-handed-stranded knitting with cables. In another, we'll try our hand at 2-stitch-wide cables offset by the main color. In a third, our colorful cables will travel over a reverse stockinette background. I'll have a fourth option in our handout, if there's time.
Speaking of having it both ways: we'll learn how to make these cables traditionally with a cable needle and be a little radical and learn to make them without!
Note: Students should be able to accomplish simple 2/2 right cross and left cross cables before attending this class.
Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
1040 Easy Inside Annetarsia: A New Approach to Intarsia Knitting Anne Berk
Expand your horizons to conquer non-stranded color knitting. No previous experience with intarsia is required! Learn ways to manage multiple yarns, to read colorwork charts, and to deal efficiently with the ends. You'll develop confidence as you link the yarns between sections and create a flat, single layer of stockinette where YOU control the color. You won't believe how easily you will knit motifs and produce professional results.
Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
5166 Easy The Language of Patterns Gwen Bortner
Knitting patterns use a language all their own, and there is more to it than just understanding the abbreviations. Learn tricks for translating the language of knitting, clues for decoding the 'secret messages,' and hints for making educated guesses when nothing else seems to work. Students will gain experience locating key information and understanding the real intention of actual patterns as the class works through examples written in a variety of styles.
Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
6086 Easy Get Twisted! J C Briar
Cables and other twisted knit stitches make for some of the most captivating knitting patterns. Though they look intricate, they are surprisingly easy to create. Learn how while knitting samplers that you can later turn into a drawstring tote bag. Along the way, you'll pick up tips for reading charts, reading your knitting, and fixing mistakes.
Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
5014 Intermediate Short Row Savvy Laura Bryant
Short rows, the act of working a partial row and then turning, offer amazing possibilities to both shape knitting and for stunning graphic effects. You will learn the mechanics of the "wrap and turn" necessary to avoid holes that form when work is turned in the center of a row, and also the German method of short rows. We will explore short rows with contrasting colors for visual design elements; to create flounces and ruffles; to place fullness where desired, as in bust darts; and to accommodate a need for longer lengths, such as in backs that tend to hike up.

Optional materials fee: $2 for instructor-supplied yarn
Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
7010 Easy Crochet for Knitters Edie Eckman
Add skills to your knitting toolbox! Knitters can appreciate the use of basic crochet techniques for edgings and finishing details.  Learn basic crochet stitches, get a taste of a granny square, see how crochet can solve knitting problems, and quickly review pattern reading.
Note: This is a basic how-to class for those with little or no crochet experience.
Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
4109 Advanced Time For Tams Candace Eisner Strick
It’s a clock, it’s a hat. Yes, you have read this correctly. If you have always admired Fair Isle sweaters but just don’t feel up to tackling such a big project, and if cutting your sweater’s steeks gives you anxiety, then think TAM! When you are not wearing it, it can become a clock. Or it can be a clock until you move to Northern New England and find yourself in need of a hat. Learn everything you need to know to knit Fair Isle: where and how to hold your pattern color and your background color, how to strand unused yarn across the backs of stitches (which is rarely needed in most Fair Isle patterns), how to use colors for their maximum effects of showing off the pattern, and how to plug designs into a tam template. By stretching your tam over a styrofoam form and using an inexpensive clock mechanism, you can always find time to knit.
Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
2068 Intermediate Hems and Facings Sarah Peasley
Tired of making the same old ribbed or garter-stitch borders over and over again? Is it like watching a boring rerun for the umpteenth time? Try a hem, a front band with a facing, or a folded-over neckband instead! Work them as you go or add them at the end. Find out what happens behind the scenes, on the underside of the hem or band: learn how to reduce bulk, try different options at the fold, and secure on the wrong side. For an added bonus, we'll get fancy with double buttonholes and mitered corners. Let's face it—it's time for a new double(d) feature!
Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
7122 Easy Handspinning Art Yarns Natalie Redding
Become a well-rounded spinner! Learn the facts, physics, and potential of fiber while spinning beautiful, artistic yarns. Science and creativity work together. What uses are there for art yarns? Can this yarn be used as warp? Does it matter if it is an s- or z-twist? Which is better for crochet or knitting? Are all fibers suitable for add-ins? Does using damaged fiber really matter? Learn the answers to these questions plus several creative techniques: tail-spinning, add-ins, Laura Spinner's "Magic Thumb", and different plying methods including spiral, coil and chain (Navajo). This class is designed to be conceptual as well as allowing the student to complete a finished art yarn of their own design. Note: Students must be able to spin a single-ply yarn.
Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm NEW
9009 Easy Easy Fit and Sew Yoga Pants Jennifer Stern-Hasemann
If you have ever wanted to sew for yourself, but felt that you needed a little help along the way, this class is perfect. Using my Easy Fit and Sew One-Piece Yoga Pant Pattern, you'll have the opportunity to try on samples to find your best starting size. Then I’ll show you simple adjustments to fine-tune your pattern for a flattering, comfortable fit. Use those pattern pieces to cut out and sew your new favorite yoga pants.

I’ve taken the guess work out of choosing the right fabric; black 4-way stretch knit is included in your kit. Learn tricks and tips to get professional results to sew knit garments with your sewing machine .
Note: Sewing machines provided for use in the classroom.

Materials fee: $40 includes pattern, tracing paper, black knit fabric, and step-by-step instructions
Saturday 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm     SOLD OUT
No skills required Student Banquet & Style Show  
Join Rick Mondragon as attendees strut their stuff on the catwalk.
Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
2057 Intermediate Magic Blocking with Wires, Pins, and Frames Denise Bell
Every shawl knitter talks about the "magic" of blocking lace. Turning a puddle of lace into a striking shawl takes more than just the wave of a magic wand; it takes tools and attention to detail. We will look at typical shawl shapes and discuss how to use blocking wires, pins, rulers, foam mats, a towel, a yard stick, and Shetland dressing frames to stretch and pin them for maximum effect. A variety of shawls will be on hand, but students are welcome to bring a lace shawl to facilitate discussion and demonstration.
Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
4115 Easy Ponchini 101 Steven Berg
The ponchini is the new shawl: a versatile garment with so many design possibilities. This is your chance to cast on one with the help of the Ponchini Master himself. Experience the magic of mixology, taking a variety of yarns from different brands, weights, and fiber contents to create a magical and unique wrap. Use one of the patterns from Ponchini Vol. 1 and learn its structure, seaming, and wearability. Steven will teach you his favorite tips and tricks as he guides you through your first ponchini.
Sunday 9:00 am - 10:30 am NEW
2065 Easy Perfect Edgings: Zippers Anne Berk
Learn a four-step process which will give you a perfectly flat and secure zipped border every time! Knitted and crocheted fabric is flexible and sometimes fragile, and zippers are not. A properly inserted zipper will function beautifully without distorting your fabric. You decide whether it will be a design element or remain invisible.
Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
5279 Easy Dual Cables Marly Bird
This is a little fancy knitting with traditional techniques. The Dual Cable class teaches knitters how to work with two colors at the same time while adding cables to the knitting. It is a new adventure in knitting for many and one that you will want to take many times over. On this adventure you learn how to make your very own pair of boot toppers!
Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
6032 Intermediate Stitch Strategies for Hand-dyed Yarns Laura Bryant
If you have ever fallen in love with a hand-dyed yarn, only to be disappointed in the finished fabric, this class is for you. We'll explore stitch strategies to avoid the often undesired pooling, patterning, and striping of hand dyed yarns. Learn to read a skein of hand-dyed yarn, the different types of dyeing, and then explore the stitches that will help you coax the inherent beauty from even the most difficult color combinations. Some hands-on swatching during class.
Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
8083 Intermediate Double-Ended, Circular Tunisian Tapestry Lily Chin
Learn this fascinatingly new technique of creating a moire effect in crochet. Create projects without seams. Make pictures or motifs in two colors without stranding. This is a ground-breaking way of using Tunisian crochet employing a short, double-ended hook.
Command of basic crochet skills is required.
Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
7056 No skills required Beginning Weaving for Knitters Deborah Jarchow
Have you wondered if you'd like to try weaving, but feel confused about it and don't know if you'd like it or not? In this class you will see 3 of the top brands of rigid-heddle looms and find out how they work. You will learn about setting up the looms to prepare for weaving, and then you will weave on them.

This class gives you an overview of how weaving can expand your fiber skills. It's the perfect opportunity to give weaving a try without purchasing the equipment. See just how easy weaving can be!

Note: Rigid-heddle looms provided for class use.

Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
3014 Intermediate Top Down and All Around Barry Klein
Learn the basic techniques for knitting from the top down. We will jump right in and start working on a small garment and during the process, we will talk about different variations, different techniques, and different ways to knit from the top down. When class is over, you will understand the full process and be prepared to design from scratch.
Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
7084 No skills required Learn to Spin Janel Laidman
Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own yarn? Spinning is one of the most ancient crafts of mankind.
In this class we'll learn the principles of spinning using a drop spindle and wool. Students will learn about twist and draft, as well as plying and grist. Once you have made yarn, you'll have a deeper appreciation of the properties of commercially available yarns, and will be able to better match yarns to projects. And you'll have a fun new skill!
Materials fee: $35 for spindle and fiber.
Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
9052 No skills required Quilt-as-you-go Sampler Rick Mondragon
Here is a chance to sample quilting. With the quilt-as-you-go method, you'll piece and quilt your block at the same time. This sew-and-flip process is quick, neat, and fun.
Choose log cabin, square within a square, string piecing, or create your own design with Rick's clever insertion ideas. Your sample can easily become a cushion cover, a placemat, a wall hanging, or the beginning of a new quilt adventure. Rick will show an easy binding method and discuss ways to assemble the blocks into a larger piece as well.
Note: Sewing machines provided for use in the classroom.
Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
7104 No skills required Stitch & Click: Photographing Fiber Arts Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby
Nothing is more disappointing than finishing a FAB fiber project and not being able to take an equally FAB photo of it. In Stitch & Click we will show you how to take great photos that show off your stitch and fiber work. Don't have an expensive camera or fancy photography studio equipment? No worries! We will show you simple tips and tricks to use what you have around the house to create photos that will really show off all that hard work you put into your handmade projects. In this class we'll teach you the basics of how all cameras work whether you have a DSLR, or a mobile device. We'll learn where to find the right light for photographing any handmade project, how to create a professional environment for taking your photos, explore a few downloadable apps to assist you in your quest for the perfect photo, and give you one sure-fire tip that is certain to take your photos from drab to FAB. We'll even share our favorite DIY solutions so you can set up great photos at home without breaking the bank! Finally, we'll practice hands-on so you get experience setting up your own stage and lighting for a signature look and receive immediate feed-back from the experts. By the time this course is through you'll have all the information needed to step boldly into basic product and consumer photography and take FAB photos that truly show off your work! Goals • Basic understanding of a good photo • Learn the unique qualities of fiber projects that create special photography issues… and how to overcome each one • Understand how to use any digital camera, point and shoot, and even camera phones to get great results • Learn about DIY camera equipment you already have in your house • Take a GREAT photo… or two…
Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
6083 Easy Basic Fair Isle Techniques Sarah Peasley
The Fair Isle technique has been around for centuries, but can be learned in a matter of hours. Learn to read charts like a pro. Practice knitting in the round with 2 colors while trapping those pesky floats. Discover the beauty of corrugated ribbing. Hold your breath while you cut open a steek. There's nothing to it. What are you waiting for?
Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm NEW
8075 Intermediate Modern Irish Crochet 1: Making Motifs Myra Wood
The popularity of Irish Crochet has exploded around the globe in recent years! Magazines like Duplet from Russia feature the long-treasured technique with a modern twist; multi-color versions that rival any paintbox. Rather then use tiny hooks and cobweb threads to create these motifs, we will use size 10 thread and a B or C crochet hook. We will learn how to interpret Russian charts and symbols, as we try out select motifs (to join later*). Tons of motifs will be shown on their own and combined into finished projects.

*Note: We are focusing on the motifs in this class; to connect them, Modern Irish Crochet II: Putting it all Together will teach you what you need to know.

Note: Must be comfortable reading crochet charts.
Sunday 11:00 am - 12:30 pm NEW
2064 Easy Perfect Edgings: Borders and Buttonholes Anne Berk
Adding an edging to a piece of fabric increases stability, as well as creating an opportunity for embellishment. Learn how to pick up stitches properly, so that the edging is firm, secure, and beautiful. Explore the best stitch patterns for edging a garment, and use I-cord to create both edging and buttonholes.
Sunday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
5252 Intermediate Miter Me This, Miter Me That Marly Bird
Learn how to knit the building blocks of the knitting world. The mitered square has long been a staple in knitting design, and now it can be a staple in your knitter's toolbox. These magical mitered squares are knit in a variety of stitches. Learn how to make one in garter, a mix of garter and stockinette, and plain stockinette as well as centered-decrease options for the center miter. These are joined-as-you-go squares make miters the perfect traveling project.
Sunday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm NEW
3142 Easy Stash Down! Laura Bryant
If you have too much stash but don't know how to use it, this class is for you. Learn a new way of sorting your stash that will allow you to mix colors, weights and textures. Hands-on swatching allows you to experiment with several techniques that are perfect for small amounts of yarn. You will leave brimming with ideas!

Optional Materials Fee: $5.00 for instructor supplied stash.
Sunday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
5007 Easy Tips and Tricks with Lily Lily Chin
Learn Lily's secrets to make your knitting life easier: join a cast-on for circular knitting without adding twist, start a new skein of yarn or a new color without losing the first stitch, attach knit pieces as you work, work a circular bind-off on the neck so the beginning and end are imperceptible, and weave in ends that are too short for a darning needle. Leave class with lots of small 'fix-its' and a new eye for knitting details.
Sunday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm NEW
7021 No skills required Kumihimo: The Art of Traditional Japanese Braiding Candace Eisner Strick
Begin your adventure in this beautiful fiber tradition by making a bracelet with one of the easier braiding techniques. Kumihimo discs will be provided for you to use. Once you learn the possibilities, you will never want to stop!
Sunday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm NEW
1049 Easy Painted Stitches: Introduction to Stranded Colorwork Janel Laidman
Colorwork brings a whole new level of beautiful to your knitting. If you can make a knit stitch, you can do stranded colorwork.
We will learn how to hold the yarns in the left hand, the right hand, and both hands, so you can find the optimal method for creating these beautiful knits. We'll also discuss tricks for keeping your tension even, how to go around pesky corners, dpns vs. circulars, and how to choose yarns and colors for colorwork.
Optional materials fee: $8 for 4 small balls of contrasting shetland-type wool.
Sunday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm NEW
9054 Intermediate Crazy Patch Scarf Katrina Walker
Create a gorgeous wearable piece of crazy patch art using black silk satin, velvet and thread embellishment! Learn to tame silk velvet and charmeuse satin for easy stitching while you learn a "Not So Crazy" easy patchwork technique for creating beautiful crazy patch effects. Indulge your color sense by using a combination of threads and stitches for your own unique look. Elegant silk crazy patch has never been so fun, easy and fashionable!
Note: Sewing machines provided for use in classroom.
Materials Fee: $25 includes all silk velvet, satin, stabilizer, use of specialty threads, needles, and instructional materials.

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