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Thursday 03/22/2018, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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*Embroidery, Needlepoint, Surface Design *Knitting Finishing Special techniques

Franklin Habit

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X Marks the Swatch: Knitted Embroidery Over Waste Canvas (with guest star Duplicate Stitch) with Franklin Habit
Waste canvas is an inexpensive, readily available material that turns almost any knitted fabric into a suitable ground for cross-stitch embroidery. It then disappears when the stitches are finished, leaving behind a beautifully embellished piece of knitting. In this introductory-level class, we'll learn how to trim and mount the canvas; then how to follow and work a cross-stitch chart over it using knitting yarns. If you've never tried cross stitch before, no problem, cross stitch is one of the best ways to try your hand at decoration with a single, sharp needle. In addition, we'll learn briefly about duplicate stitch (aka Swiss darning), and discuss how and when to use one, the other-or both!

_Completed homework assignment
_At least two balls (partial balls are fine!) of smooth, strong, (fingering-weight) yarn (most sock yarns will work nicely) ideally in solid or semi-solid colors that contrast strongly with the yarn used to complete the homework assignment. This is an excellent use for odds and ends left from sock knitting projects
_Tapestry needle

Swatch 1 Use a smooth, strong, worsted OR sport weight yarn in a white, light solid, OR semi-solid color. Make one swatch as follows. With needles that will give you a gauge of about 5-6 (with worsted) to 6-7 (with sport) stitches to the inch in stockinette st, CO 56 sts. Rows 1-6 Knit. Row 7 (WS) K4, p 48, k4. Rep last 2 rows 25 times. Knit 6 rows. Bind off.
Swatch 2
Repeat Swatch 1. If time permits, block swatches.
Materials fee: $5 for canvas, embroidery needle, and other special materials needed