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Thursday 03/22/2018, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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*Knitting Fit

Sarah Peasley

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A Measure of Success with Sarah Peasley
Inspired by her journey to provide a better fit for her own garments, Jean Frost developed a step-by-step process for designing her favorite Chanel-style jackets, outlined in her book, Custom Knit Jackets. The first steps involve understanding which of your measurements you need to know and how to take them. A discussion of ease is included, as well as a valuable comparison to the "standard" women's sizes so few of us actually meet—valuable information to have on hand when altering an existing pattern. With Sarah's help, each student will develop a personalized body-measurement chart which can be used to create a custom-fit Chanel-style jacket from scratch or to tweak one of the patterns from Jean's book for a better fit. You'll also learn about making a life-size schematic and a "sample" garment from store-bought fabric—two valuable tools to help you customize your fit.

_Flexible tape measure
_12" ruler
_Pencil and eraser

Wear a close-fitting shirt (better yet, a camisole or tank top), and please wear your "good" bra. Bring a positive attitude and a sense of humor.