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Friday 11/02/2018, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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*Crochet *Knitting Design Tips & hints

Jeane deCoster

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What Not to Knit with Jeane deCoster
"I don't like rules about body types because no matter what, we can each find something wrong with our body. Attaching labels just makes it worse. If our hand-knit garments don't fit or flatter us, we don't feel good wearing them. So we gift them or stash them away and may not feel like trying again.

Let's decide "What not to knit (or crochet)" with a personalized fit analysis for each student. Along the way, I will share guidelines (not rules) about ease, length, neck, and shoulder lines that you might use to knit to crochet a more successful garment for yourself.

All sizes, genders, shapes and curves are welcome! Any level knitting and crochet experience will benefit from this class.

__Up to 4 garments (sweaters-purchased or handknit would be great but are not required.) If not, just bring something you wear in the following categories: 1 that you love to wear - for any reason, 1 that you hate to wear, and up to 2 others that you might have questions about. Bring an open attitude and don't be too shy!