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Friday 08/03/2018, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Gwen Bortner

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Fun with Fine Yarns with Gwen Bortner
Love the beauty of fine weight yarns, but looking for alternatives to socks and shawls? Love the feel of fine yarn, but dread knitting with tiny needles? Gain hands-on experience as you explore a variety of techniques and methods to use fine yarns on not-so-fine needles. Gain insights on picking yarns and colors to create your own gradients. Use a spinning techinque to bulk up your yarn without having to manage multiple balls. Uncover the advantages of using fine yarn even when a heavier yarn is required. Knitting with fine yarn can be fun, even if you don't like knitting with tiny needles.

_3 or more small balls of fine yarn (fingering weight or finer)
_needles in a variety of sizes between 3.75mm/US5 and 6.0mm/US10