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Saturday 08/04/2018, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Gwen Bortner

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Round and Round “Wee” Go: DPNs, 2 Circs and Magic Loop with Gwen Bortner
Knitting in the round on small circumferences can be challenging but it is a skill most knitters need in their bag of tricks. Double points can be intimidating. Using two circulars can be confusing. And magic loop is often a mystery. Learn pros and cons as well as tips and tricks for each of these methods designed specifically for seamlessly knitting small circumference pieces. Cast-on challenges and what to watch for will be discussed and tried for each method. Techniques for switching from one needle to the next will be covered as well. Come to class, try and all three and decide which is your favorite.

_1 oz smooth worsted-weight yarn in a light color
_1 set of double-pointed needles in a size appropriate to the yarn selected
_2 circular needles of the same size as the DPNs, 18" - 24" in length (measured tip to tip)
_1 circular needle the same size as the DPNs, 30" or more in length (measured tip to tip)