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Saturday 08/04/2018, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Candace Eisner Strick

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Introduction to Strickmuster: The Beautiful Twisted Stitch Patterns of Austria with Candace Eisner Strick
These gorgeous patterns wind and twist around each other in complicated and intricate designs but actually are done using only 2 basic techniques without the use of a cable needle. Students will learn the basics of left and right traveling stitches.
Note: Must be a 'conventional' knitter (ie: knit by taking the stitches off the left needle and transferring them to the right needle) in order for this technique to work correctly.

_About 2 oz of smooth-textured, light-colored, #4 (worsted) weight, wool yarn. Please note: yarns with nubs, slubs, fuzz, or thick and thin are not appropriate, nor will variegated yarns show the pattern well. A good yarn would be Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride or Cascade 220. Having the correct yarn to learn is very important.
_5mm/US 8 double point needles (if you prefer 2 circulars or one long circular for working in the round).
_Knitting Basics: Sharp scissors, Notebook, Pen or pencil with eraser, Stitch markers, Tapestry needles (large and small), Tape measure, Small calculator, Needles and crochet hooks of various sizes


Questions? Email Candace at Strickwear@gmail.com