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Saturday 06/01/2019, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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*Knitting Finishing Knitting techniques Skill-building basics Special techniques

Lorilee Beltman

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Never Look Up the Kitchener Stitch Again! with Lorilee Beltman
Do you look up instructions for grafting the Kitchener Stitch every time you have to work it? Learn this essential skill, then memorize it with economized moves while training your eyes and fingers to work together. We'll graft stockinette stitch first, proceed to garter stitch, and then work an option for grafting ribbing.

Imagine being able to take a phone call while grafting. You can do it! Realize this is not a class for grafting in any pattern, but rather it is aimed at understanding the basics and memorizing the moves.

Once you have become comfortable with the technique, we'll look at existing patterns for opportunities to refine your knitting. You can plan your way to a more professional, finished look by exchanging one of these grafts for what is called for in the pattern.

__#4 (worsted- or Aran-weight) wool
__Appropriate size needles.
__Tapestry needle.

Using supplies listed, work 3 swatches and bring to class.

Swatch 1 (Stockinette Stitch)
Cast on 40.
Rows 1, 3, 5 Knit.
Rows 2, 4, 6 Purl.
Row 7 K20 and stop. Leave stitches on needles and leave a 24" tail.

Swatch 2 (Garter Stitch)
Cast on 40.
Rows 1–8 Knit.
Row 9 K20 and stop. Leaving a 24" tail, break yarn. Leave stitches on needles and leave a 24" tail.

Please Pay close attention to swatch three. It has two of the same stitches right next to each other in the middle.

Swatch 3
(K1 x P1 Rib) Cast on 40.
Rows 1, 3, 5 (K1, p1) 10 times, (p1, k1) 10 times.
Rows 2, 4 (P1, k1) 10 times, (k1, p1) 10 times.
Row 6 (P1, k1) 10 times, and stop. Leave stitches on needles and leave a 24" tail.