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Sunday 06/02/2019, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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Design Garment construction Skill-building basics

Phyllis Bell Miller

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The Hole Truth: Select, Place, & Space Buttons & Fasteners Like a Pro with Phyllis Bell Miller
Have you ever found the right buttons for your cardigan, blouse, or jacket, BUT they are the wrong size? Does your garment gape open in places? Choosing the right kind of buttonholes and knowing where to locate them are as crucial for your comfort and security as is picking the most appropriate button!

Learn how to plan, size, place, and space fasteners like a pro. Topics include adjusting your pattern for any size button or fastener, adding and arranging them to accommodate your needs, and calculating over-lap and under-lap widths. We will discuss how to select different kinds of fasteners and how to attach them. See how buttonhole type, length, and direction options can be part of an original or modified design, and even learn to mark your pattern for accurate placement.