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Saturday 08/03/2019, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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*Knitting Finishing Knitting techniques Skill-building basics Special techniques

Courtney Spainhower

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Stretchy Techniques to Enhance Your Knitting with Courtney Spainhower
What are the best cast-ons and bind-offs for scalloped, lacy, or chevron edges on a sweater, shawl or even sock cuff when the pattern doesn't give specific instructions? You want beautiful and stretchy edges that never bind or distort your work.

Courtney suggests the Channel Island Cast-on does the job for a cast-on edge: it's stretchy while maintaining a tidy look. Through demonstration, discussion, and practice, the class will add this unusual method to their skills.

When working top-down or center-out pieces, which the bind-off is loose enough for a perfect edge? The Frilled Standard Bind-off is perfect and we'll learn it next. While we are at it, we will cover a stretchy 3-needle Bind-off that can be used both for its practicality and it's even, balanced look. Finally, we will learn to make a folded hem--say for a folded picot edge--that retains the fabric's elasticity.

Each method can be used for any yarn in any weight, but they are particularly useful when working with cotton, linen, silk, or any other fiber that doesn't have natural springiness. If these skills are new to you, you'll want to add them to your knitting arsenal.

__Sharp scissors
__Pen or pencil with eraser
__Needles in the size appropriate for the yarn and spare needles for working the Stretchy 3-needle Bind-off
__Yarn used for homework. You may use yarn of the same weight in a contrasting color for working the Stretchy 3-needle Bind-off and stretchy folded hem.

For homework, I suggest DK or worsted weight in a light color and appropriate needles: Knit two 3”x3” Garter-stitch squares, do not bind-off; leave the two squares on the needles or transfer to a stitch holder.
Work one 3"x3" square for folded-picot hem, as follows:
Cast on an even number of stitches. 
Row 1 (WS): K1, purl to last st, k1.
Row 2: Knit.
Repeat Rows 1 and 2 two times, then repeat Row 1 once more.
Next 3 rows: Knit.
Repeat Rows 1 and 2 three times, then repeat Row 1 once more.
Next row (RS): K1, [k2tog, yo] rep to last st, k1.
Rep Rows 1 and 2 three times, then rep Row 1 once more.
Do not bind-off; leave the stitches on the needles or transfer to a stitch holder.