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Sunday 08/04/2019, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Heavenly Bresser

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Fearless Plying! with Heavenly Bresser
No more stress! Join us as we tackle ply techniques on the spinning wheel.

Learn how to establish and maintain a smooth rhythm while Navajo plying. Explore ways to ply from a center-pull ball for better control and fewer tangles.

We will also discuss what makes for a truly balanced yarn, how to intentionally spin an "off" balance yarn and the many reasons you might want to do so. Finally, we'll take a look at additional tools for your future plying endeavors. Are you ready? Let's ply!

Note: Techniques will be shown on the spinning wheel. Students can take spindle-spun yarn and ply from their singles onto the wheel OR from bobbins if the singles were spun on the wheel and ply onto a new bobbin on their wheel.

__Pen or pencil with eraser
__Spinning wheel in working order (espinners with battery packs are welcome)
__Handspun samples on bobbins or spindles
__Lazy kate or equivalent

Prior to class, spin two samples of singles yarn, approximately 1.5 ounces each, of your choice of fiber. Samples may be spun on a wheel, espinner, or spindles. Hint: Samples should be spun at least 48 hours prior to class session. Do not wind samples into balls (cakes) prior to class.