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Knitter's Magazine Corrections
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Betsy Beads
Corrections for Betsy Beads

Betsy Beads KISS Necklace
KISS: Keep it simple spiral
This simple spiral illustrates one of Betsy's favorite "Eureka!" knitting moments ever, and it is a great example of what the creative process has taught her.

Bias Knit Vest
designed by Rick Mondragon, Knitter's Editor
from Knitter's Challenge at Stitches Midwest 2001

Boot Toppers
As mentioned in KNITTER'S Winter 2015, these adorable boot toppers are available as a free download!

Borg Jacket
We wish to thank Gudj?n Kr?stinnson, Istex Ltd. President, and Alan Getz, President of JCA/Reynolds USA for making this pattern available.

Bronze Medal Lariat
from Knitter's K89 Coming Home

Conservative Socks
Sensible socks with geometric flair
from K72 Fall 2003 Twists & Turns

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