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                       Ah, Knitter’s 101! “High Def”, tunes
                       into sharp colors, fun textures, and
                       knitting in bits-and-pieces. We feature
                       sound technique, but not necessarily
                       difficult projects.
  This issue features an array of multi-season knits and a few that are definitely cold weather fare.
  Don’t miss Alexis Xenakis’ visit with author Debbie Macomber in the Knitting Universe. She shares her perspective on knitting, life, writing, philanthropy, and her new yarn line.
  Techies will appreciate the two modular garments
that came from our Stitches Midwest 2010 Design Challenge. Entrelac, the focus of the challenge, resulted
in more than we had anticipated—a trapeze jacket with gradated color movement and a bolero with mitered rectangles, stripes, and tucks along with the entrelac.
Gwen Bortner’s cable sampler shawl adds texture to the
          bias mix.
              We also offer fashion
          accessories knit in
       sections, an approach that
      makes it easy to combine
stitch patterns—just give it a try.
The tweed scarf, log cabin linen
skirt, sectional shawl, and
waist-wrapping cable and rib
vest take on added personality
thanks to their construction.
  Traditionalists who love cables will
appreciate our cowl, cape,
long vest, bolero, and
shrug. Textured stitches
shine through in a tweed,
shawl-collar jacket and
alpaca crossover-neck pullover.
  Color fanatics, pay special attention
to the messenger bag with steeks, the
intarsia and bohus-inspired pullovers,
a hooded bolero with round yoke, and
the split-front pullover.
  Each of our two vests for him
feature a spin-off knit for her—our cover
cardigan and a hoodie. All four underscore
the value of fancy stitchwork for mixing
  K101 knits pack a punch, not just in
look and wearability: they teach lessons.
Don’t be intimidated. Worked with glorious
yarns, they become pleasurable adventures
in knitting. All you need to do is take
it a bite at a time. Soon you will build
a wardrobe that defines your passion—knitting!
  Works for me!
Rick Mondragon, Editor