Description: Benjamin2Hello Friends!

STITCHES Expos and Fiesta Yarns have teamed up with Halos of Hope to bring you a fun new promotion that could send you to STITCHES…and have you knitting a hat!

So you’re intrigued? Here’s how it works.

Description: SwirlBeretFor a $5 donation to Halos of Hope, you have the chance to win a STITCHES Works package for STITCHES East 2013 or any STITCHES event in 2014. Plus, the good folks at Fiesta Yarns have sweetened the pot. They are donating their Swirl Beret pattern (shown here in Baby Boom) as a ‘Thank You’ for your donation to Halos of Hope. So… you donate $5 for this great charity and you automatically get this beautiful pattern. And oh… by the way… you get a chance at winning a STITCHES Works package, which includes…

  • 21 hours of classes (available classes)
  • The Opening Day presentation on Thursday morning
  • Teacher a la Carte lunch on Thursday afternoon
  • Front row reserved seating at the Fashion Show on Friday night
  • Reserved seating at the Fashion Show dinner at a table with STITCHES Expos CEO, Benjamin Levisay
  • Reserved seating at the Student Banquet & Style Show at a table with Halos of Hope President and Founder, Pamela Haschke
  • Full access pass to the STITCHES Market throughout the weekend

You can donate online now. When you do, you’ll receive a receipt and a download link to this beautiful Swirl Beret pattern. This raffle will end on September 23, 2013. On that day we’ll randomly pick the winner of the STITCHES Works package from the raffle entrants.


Description: Halos_LogoHalos of Hope is a very successful foundation. Due to the generous spirit of knitters and crocheters, they've collected thousands of hats. Since they were incorporated as a 501(c)3 in 2008, they have sent out more than 90,000 hats. They now send out more than 3000 hats to over 450 cancer centers across America each month. This is a testament to the people of our craft and our industry. Halos of Hope is growing very fast. And we would like to help them grow even larger so they can help more cancer patients. The problem is—money! It takes money to make sure those hats get sent to the people that need them. It takes money to grow the foundation so Pam's dream of making sure every person dealing with the loss of their hair due to cancer (almost a half a million each year) gets a hat made with love.

Description: pami_smI met Pamela Haschke, the founder of Halos of Hope, almost five years ago when she first started working with us at STITCHES. I admired what she was doing—collecting hand-made knit and crochet hats for people going through chemotherapy—and I was impressed with how disciplined and generous Pam and her foundation were with their time and efforts. I still remember the handwritten note that she sent me after our first STITCHES together. I knew then that she was a 'class act'. But I didn't really get to know her personally until the last two years.

What I didn’t know was that Pam is a stage 3 cancer survivor herself—nine years now in fact. I didn't know that Pam collected and sent hats to places like summer camps for kids battling cancer with the sole goal of trying to make those kids feel normal and loved. I didn't know how tirelessly she has worked as an advocate for cancer patients. I hadn't heard the heart breaking stories of the lives that Halos of Hope had touched—some with happy endings, some not. I didn’t know that when she waged her war on cancer and won, she didn’t think twice about losing her hair until it was gone. And until I met Pam, I didn’t understand the emotional toll that losing your hair has on a woman and how it affects her dignity and self-esteem.

Cancer has touched all of us! Pam and Halos of Hope are fighting the fight with love and kindness. We're asking you to help Halos of Hope continue their fight against the despair that is cancer! We're asking you to make a difference. A donation of $5 will ensure that 15 people receive a hat and can feel a little hope. We have the opportunity to be part of 'the light' that makes another life brighter and to help give a little love and comfort to another soul who is in pain. I hope you’ll join us in helping Halos of Hope.


Benjamin Levisay, CEO — XRX, Inc. Knitter’s Magazine, XRX Books, and STITCHES Events and Halos of Hope board member

P.S. You can listen to Pamela Haschke’s story on her Fiber Hooligan interview.