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FAQs About stitchips & Digital Content

Question: How do you pronounce ’stitchip’? 

Answer: It is pronounced ‘stitch-ip’. 

Question: How do you use a stitchip?



Question: What Operating Systems will stitchips work on? 

Answer: We have successfully developed stitchips to work on Mac OS 10.3 or higher (we don’t know about lower versions of the Mac OS because we couldn’t find any computers running those version to test on—but we anticipate that stitchips will work on earlier versions of the Mac OS). We have tested stitchips with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows XP—although Windows XP might ask you to install drivers to access stitchips (if it does, please go ahead and install those drivers). We were unable to find a version of Windows Vista to test on—but we anticipate that stitchips will work on Windows Vista. 

Question: How are these stitchips formatted? 

Answer: First… it’s very cool of you to ask this. We spent a bit of time researching the right format for stitchips. As you may know, Macs have always been able to read PC formatted data. But the reverse is not always true. So after a lot of research, we decide to format stitchips FAT32 for maximum compatibility. Here’s a great article that we found online, if you’d like to learn more about formatting options for USB drives… 


Question: Can I plug a stitchip directly into my iOS or Android device? 

Answer: stitchips can only plug into devices that have USB 2 compatible ports and recognize FAT32 formatted media. So the short answer is… probably not (at least not without some kind of adaptor and application). We encourage you to put them on your computer, then transfer the data to your iOS and/or Android devices (Cloud services are excellent for this). 

Complaint: I can’t get my stitchip to show up on my desktop or in Windows. 

Possible Solutions:

  • Make sure the stitchip is inserted with the cover side up (our logos should be down).
  • On the Mac… make sure that you have ‘External disks' checked in Finder Preferences (under the Finder menu). Once that’s checked you should see a volume named XRXBOOKS or KNITTERS or STITCHIP on your desktop.


  • In Windows… look for a volume named XRXBOOKS or KNITTERS or STITCHIP under This PC. If you can see the volume there, please double-click that volume to open it into a new window.


Complaint: I put my stitchip into a Mac and now when I go to my PC it has a bunch of random files in it. 

Answer: There is no ‘great’ way to make a USB drive read only using software formatting tools. And our USB stitchips don’t come with a manual hardware locking control. If you only plug your stitchip into a Mac, you will never see these files. If you only plug your stitchip into a PC, you will never see these files. But if you go back and forth between platforms, the Mac will write these invisible (and harmless) files. You can delete those extraneous files (on your PC). Or you can choose to view your stitchip with invisible files hidden. 


This screen shot (above) shows the Hidden items checked ‘On’. Uncheck this if you don’t want to remove and don’t want to see the hidden files that a Mac will create on your stitchip drive.

Complaint: My stitchip broke or it isn’t working no matter what I do. 

Solutions: If you’d like to send it back to us, we’d be happy to send you a replacement. Or… we’d be happy to add that/those PDFs to your account within our store so you can access them via the website. The choice is yours. 

Complaint: I can’t get my stitchip open on my Linux computer. 

Answer: stitchips are not necessarily compatible with all the versions of the Linux operating system. There are just too many variables with Linux. We suggest you use a Mac or PC to move your content to the Cloud so you can access your stitchip files that way. 

If you’re still not satisfied, you can send it back to us for a refund or credit. Or… we’d be happy to add that/those PDFs to your account within our store so you can access them via the website. The choice is yours.

Question: Can I transfer my stitchips content to the Cloud (i.e., Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) so I can access it on all my digital devices? 

Answer: You bet. We want you to do that. Please just don’t share it with others. This is your personal copy (as per the ReadMeFirst document on the stitchip).

If you have an iOS device, you can always use iTunes to load your PDFs onto your iPad or iPhone. Please see the help article at KnittingUniverse.com/TechFAQs/ to learn how to do that with iTunes.

Complaint: I’m having trouble printing the PDF from my stitchip and/or from my digital download (PDF). 


  • First… it’s not cost effective for anyone to print the entire book from a PDF. It would be cheaper for you to purchase the actual printed book.

  • Second… if you do want to print the entire book anyway, we suggest printing it in sections. There is a lot of vector charts and other post script data (this is what allows you to be able to scale up to a chart or drawing without it becoming bitmapped). 

  • Third… if you want to print just a section, the best thing to do is to open the PDF in Acrobat, go to the Pages view, highlight just the pages you want to print, and then print just those pages. Your printer should understand your selection and print just what you want if you do it this way.

General Question: Why would I want a PDF? I like printed books. 

Answer(s): We also like printed books. But digital editions are cheaper for you and cheaper for us. And there are other great benefits to PDFs. The digital content on stitchips are 'Rich PDFs'. That means that they are optimized but also high-res enough, so when you print off a section or a pattern, you will get a crisp good looking page. It means that you can scale up on charts because we have preserved the vector data. It means that the images will look good because we didn't downsample them so much that they will become pixelated if you enlarge them up to 2 times (at the very least) of the full size. Rich PDFs also have internal linking—try clicking on the page references in any of the Tables of Contents and you'll see what we mean. We have also linked out to websites when appropriate. Every stitchip PDF has bookmarks added to ease in the navigation of the PDF. And because these PDFs were formatted well, they are completely searchable (try doing that with a paper book).

Our Rich PDFs are guaranteed to never get dog-eared. They will never get stained by coffee, tea, or Diet Dr. Pepper. They will not fade or yellow when exposed to direct sunlight. And they will never need dusting. 

Note: We cannot guarantee that your stitchip will never need dusting or get damaged. And if you print pages off... all above guarantees are void for the printed pages (smile).

Question: Should I always access my stitchips content directly from my stitchip

Answer: As a best practice, we’d tend toward saying no to this one. Think of your stitchip as a software installer. The best thing for you to do is to plug your stitchip into your computer and make a copy onto your hard drive. You’ll find that the large PDFs open and respond much more quickly than they would if you worked with them directly over the USB 2 Bus (that is the stitchip). You can set aside your stitchip(s) to be used to re-install as needed. 

Questions: What else can I do with my stitchip

Answer: One of the very cool reasons to invest in stitchips is so that you have something for your favorite author to sign. Yes… using a Sharpie marker, your favorite stitchip authors can sign your stitchips. It’s hard to get that done with a downloadable PDF. 

Question: What else should I know about stitchips

Answers: stitchips are Gluten Free, high in fiber, contain no calories, and come in savory bite-sized packets (we dare you to buy only one). stitchips are cloud friendly, tree friendly, and inspiration friendly.

stitchips are also LYS and small business friendly. We intend to offer our complete line of stitchips to yarn and crafting shops with a full keystone discount — so shops can benefit from this great new product and sell them to their customers as well.

Currently we have stitchips for knitters, crocheters, and weavers in over 60 different SKUs. But we plan on adding additional crafting flavors in our stitchips selections in the near future.

Best practices for stitchips… please back them up to your computer, be gentle when plugging them in and out of USB connectors, collect them all and try to get  them signed by your favorite stitchip authors… but please avoid dipping them in sour cream, guacamole, salsa, or other condiments (sigh… nothing’s perfect).