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K1 (Premier) 1984 SOLD OUT
The Guernsey Tradition In this issue: Guernseys for all Interview with Elizabeth Zimmerman On designing brocade blouse Patterns: Guernseys for all.
K10 Spring 1988 SOLD OUT
Slip Ups
In this issue:
  • Wool it wash?
  • Mosaics made simple
  • Wool-lover's herbal
  • Sachets

K100 Fall 2010
Celebrate with 50+ Stellar Knits! Sensational Sectionals, Traditional Takes, Trendy Silhouettes, Colorful Combos and Thread Tricks
K101 Winter 2010
Knitter's 101, "High Def", tunes into sharp colors, fun textures, and knitting in bits-and-pieces. We feature sound technique but not necessarily difficult projects. This issue features an array of multi-season knits and a few are definitely cold weather fare.
K102 Spring 2011
HOT PROPERTIES 90° Knits: Turn your knits on EDGE A-Frames: Trapeze Styles that Work Beach Zone: Shore LINE
K103 Summer 2011
"Crazy for Knits" Edgy Attitudes — fringe, ruching, detached-rib borders. Block Party — granny squares, miters, and intarsia.
K104 Fall 2011 OUT OF STOCK
TAKE IT FROM THE TOP Seams Like Fun: No needles necessary
Try Angles: Section shawl, endless lace, raglans
Going Round in Circles: Yokes, upside-down knits, skirts
K105 Winter 2011 SOLD OUT
Texture & Form Shaping in Lace, I-cords, Eyelets & Beads Knitting Universe: Betsy Hershberg: Confessions of a left-brained knitter
K106 Spring 2012
Special Effects– How to become a PICK-UP artist, Stripe it Rich- K1B, Mosaics, I-cord and texture. Slip away/float along and Feet of strength-modules, stars, digits.
K107 Summer 2012
Surface Attention Lacy Days from simple & stunning to incredible & intricate. texture with crochet, embroidery patchwork, scallops slips & beads.
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