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Jean Frost Jackets - stitchip
Jean Frost's expertise with tailored knits, especially jackets, is well known. Basic stitches, quality yarns, and easy-to-do details add up to the style that distinguishes these 21 classic, designer-inspired jackets. CLICK HERE FOR MORE
K122 Knitter's Spring 2016 - stitchip
Wicked color Knit-1 below plaid, Linen-stitch tweed, Disappearing ripples, Fading-color ikat Fluid movement, Progressive ribs, Unlikely lace, Sassy sections, & Placid pieces CLICK HERE FOR MORE
K123 Knitter's Summer 2016 - stitchip
Summer Gold Coordinated couples, Get in shape, Top scores, Body building CLICK HERE FOR MORE
K124 Knitter's Fall 2016 - stitchip
STRATA Levels of Texture with creative stitches, Colorful Layers in stripes and striated yarns, Modern Lines for classic designs CLICK HERE FOR MORE
K125 Knitter's Winter 2016 - stitchip
What's Your Angle? Sideways knits; Panels & patches; Mixed textures; Miters & more; Waves, ripples & ridges CLICK HERE FOR MORE
Kids, Kids, Kids - stitchip
This book provides a colorful array of fun-to-wear garments and fanciful toys to knit for children. It features 43 winning patterns from the Knitter's Magazine "Knitting is for Kids Too" contest.
Knit in New Directions - stitchip
Myra Wood introduces the pure fun of knitting with strips and modules, creative short rows, crazy-quilt pieces, and freeform shapes. CLICK HERE FOR MORE
Knit My Skirt - stitchip
Candace shows you how easy it is to knit YOUR skirt and gives a closet-full of choices with over 25 knit skirt fun-to-knit and flattering-to-wear patterns. CLICK FOR MORE
Knit One Below - stitchip
In Knit One Below, Elise Duvekot introduces a new and exciting way for knitters to combine colors, weights, fibers, and types of yarn into versatile fabrics. CLICK HERE FOR MORE
Knitter's 2011: K102-K105 - stitchip
Contains the 4 COMPLETE ISSUES of Knitter's Magazine from 2011: Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter.
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