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K109 Winter 2012

The Skirt Issue
The Skirt Issue

Have you ever knit a skirt? Intrigued? Whether you choose to work in the round, in pieces, or in panels, a skirt is less fussy to knit than are most sweaters. This issue features many different silhouettes constructed in a variety of ways: in one piece or in multiple pieces, panels, bands, or sections. You will find some easy approaches, a few that require a bit more skill, and a couple that use specialized techniques.


Articles about Elephants on Parade, Think Modular, Why Skirts, Fit Finesse, and Swing Knitting.

Designs by Michelle Hunter, Candace Eisner Strick, Brook Nico, Antje Gillingham, Gwen Bortner, Barry Klein, Beth Whiteside, Sandi Rosner, Whilhelmine Peers, Helene Rush, Susan Sarabasha, Deborah Newton, Therese Schabes, and Brigette Elliott

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K109 Winter 2012
Price: $5.50