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K110 Spring 2013

Top This
Top This

TOP THIS! We celebrate the top! Yes: the shell, tank, tee, pullover, or whatever you prefer to call it. Spring offers warming temperatures for most of us, so the sweaters we wear and knit are lighter weight than those we make for the colder seasons, and often have short, cap, or no sleeves. These knits are meant to be made and worn right away—and to last.


Articles about The Great BUZZZZ for Halos of Hope, Navajo Plying, Internal I-cord, and Short Rows and Ripples

Designs by Kathy Zimmerman, Laura Bryant, Gwen Bortner, Jane Slicer Smith, Lily Chin, Therese Chynoweth, Penny Ollman, EJ Slayton, Helene Rush, Michelle Hunter, Jean Frost, Susan Sarabasha, Wilhelmina Peers, Jill Bigelow, Jeanne Able, Rick Mondragron and the Knitter's Design Team.

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K110 Spring 2013
Price: $5.50