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Tons-of-techniques Tote

Gwen Bortner

Are you a knitter who likes to learn new techniques but is more satisfied working on a project instead of a swatch? Do you have the basics down but are ready to expand your knowledge? Do you believe it is impossible to have too many cute bags? Then this class is right up your alley!

Join Gwen as she teaches you a wide variety of techniques and skills all the while creating a stylish, one-of-a-kind purse. With the Tons-of-techniques totes, you learn a technique then immediately try it on a real project. And with nearly twenty different topics, there is something for knitters of all levels including double knitting basics, working with charts, fun with cables, 3D design, secrets for structured bags, and so much more. Multiple options are provided for several components of the bag, resulting in a custom project for each student.

There will be lots of knitting (even between classes) if you want your purse finished by the end of class. But you’ll walk away with a cute bag and lots of useful knowledge you can apply to all your knitting projects. The ultimate win-win!

About Gwen Bortner: Gwen Bortner’s passion is teaching knitting—across the country, on the pages of Entree to Entrelac, and online. Her goal is to “make the student’s toolbox bigger”, and her mantra is” knitting is fun!”

Camp STITCHES Destination New Mexico November 13-17, 2014.

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Tons-of-techniques Tote
Price: $1,295.00
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