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Knitter's Dozen: Kids

When we knit for a child, it's a bit like being a grandparent. We can be a bit indulgent, choose an less practical color, take more time, spend a little extra on the yarn—after all, it's a small knit.

We know, and the child knows that this is something special, something made just for her or for him. We're knitting memories.
And with 19 favorite patterns from the archives of Knitter's Magazine, what memories these will be!

Colorful knits abound. The Top-down Raglans (in sizes 2–10) have stripe choices that make them far from ho-hum. The matching Ted (as in bear) and Sam (his kid) cardi's and the classic black-and-white Danish Nursery Jacket introduce neutrals.

Frequently, there's fun to be had with details, especially pockets, including a pair of Treasure Pocket Socks. As always, all techniques are fully explained and illustrated.

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Knitter's Dozen: Kids
Price: $15.95