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K103 Summer 2011 Digital


Designs by Jean Frost, Ann McCauley, Kathy Zimmerman, Melissa Leapman, Ginger Smith, Edie Eckman, Kate Lemmers, Rick Mondragon, Barbara Kerr, Marly Bird, Lois Young, Theresa Schabes, Myra Wood, Susan Borovsky, Carol Weissinger, Diane Zangl, and the Knitter's Design Team.

Click here for a gallery of the projects.

Available on your mobile device and/or your desktop.
For a mobile device: Purchase the issue directly from the Knitter's Magazine app found on the App Store, Google Play or Amazon.
For desktop only use: Your issue must be purchased directly from knittinguniverse.com. When the purchase is complete, go to your account page and download a PDF of the magazine. Note: You will need AdobeReader to access the PDF.

If you purchased a single issue through one of the the apps and want the desktop version, please email a copy of your receipt to digital@xrx-inc.com.

K103 Summer 2011 Digital
Price: $3.99
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