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Knitter's Handbook

During our knitting time, most of us don't need a wagonload of technique books, we just need one that does the job—one that is compact, concise, and convenient. The Knitter's Handbook is your choice. Since our goal is to give easy access to the essential skills, you'll find a detailed table of contents with a Quick Access listing; sections arranged alphabetically; a ticker tape highlighting the section title on each page; and a complete index to boot. As you go along through a rich and full knitting life, you'll want to add to your favorite Handbook. That's what the note pages at the end of each section are for; there's even one at the back of the book for your own indexed entries. Grab your knitting and see how easy it is-- to cast on in pattern (page 38), to shape shoulders with refined short rows (page 96), to do it all, --with the confidence and support you need.
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Knitter's Handbook