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Splendid Apparel

by Anna Zilboorg

The craft of knitting is devoted to making useful things. The craft of embroidery is devoted to making useful things beautiful.
Anna Zilboorg brings these two crafts together in Splendid Apparel.

Anna Zilboorg creates richly textured knit fabrics then adds embroidery for emphasis, color, detail, even sheen. This handbook includes a dozen embroidery stitches and a library of textured knit patterns. Swatches—photographed both as they come off the knitting needles and after embroidering—show the transformation and provide a further springboard for exploration.
Sometimes Anna couldn't stop with just the swatch. They grew into sweaters and provided an opportunity to introduce her favorite garment details: Almost-seamless panel construction and Perfect and Almost-perfect Buttonholes.
Anna's innovative approach for working Twisted Traveling Stitches—not circularly, but back and forth—makes it possible to knit one narrow strip at a time, join as you go, and end up with Trillium, the spectacular vest detailed on the cover.
Embroidery stitches are not difficult. It's just up and down with a thread following. Have fun!

- 18 patterns
- Innovative join-as-you-go construction
- 58 embroidered swatches
Step-by-step illustrations make any novice an expert. right- or left-handed.

Anna Zilboorg is the author of Magnificent Mittens & Socks. Her other books include 45 Fine & Fanciful Hats to KnitFancy Feet, Knitting for Anarchists, and Socks for Sandals and Clogs.

"Now there is this book, which I hope will please many knitters and inspire them to pick up a different needle—a tapestry needle—and see what wonderful things they can do with their already wonderful knitting."
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Splendid Apparel
Price: $28.95