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Swing Swagger Drape - PDF

Knit the colors of Australia
Swing Swagger Drape - PDF

A collection of refined knits with great fit and timeless style: The central pieces——the swing coats, swagger jackets, and drapes—show what makes Jane Slicer-Smith designs unique: a masterful use of color, fabrics that move, shapes that flatter, images and customized fit. From choosing your palette, through checking the measurements, to seaming and blocking, Jane explains her practiced and pragmatic approach to knitting successful garments. With clear instructions that highlight options in design, construction, and color—Swing Swagger Drape empowers knitters!

Jane Slicer-Smith’s approach begins with color and inspiration, then builds in shape and silhouette to arrive at designs that make sense. She continues to explore the designs with alternate colorways and silhouettes. Often these turn into complete garments: the book really is a designer’s collection.

You won’t want to miss: The sections—Simple Intarsia, Miters, Texture, and Simply Stunning Intarsia (here the garment turns into one big canvas).
• A brief analysis of how she achieves the fit and style within each of the designs.
• Several really great men’s sweaters.
• Fabulous on-location photography in Australia and New Mexico.
• A guided tour of Sydney and beyond.

Jane Slicer-Smith has an honors degree in knitwear design from Trent University in England and extensive experience as a designer and producer of handknit garments and knitting kits through her company, Signatur Handknits (sigknit.com). When not teaching in the US and England, she is at home in Sydney, Australia.

We are pleased to offer this amazing book in rich Portable Document Format (PDF)—which includes bookmarking, internal page links, and high-res images & charts (so you can print pages and/or sections as you see fit).

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This digital edition in rich Portable Document Format (PDF) updated April 1, 2016

Note: This PDF is 104 Mb. We reduced it as much as we could without sacrificing necessary quality. This PDF requires Acrobat Reader 5 or higher to take advantage of all features.
Swing Swagger Drape - PDF
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