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Color Your World: A Color Lab - ID

with Laura Bryant

Join Laura for 3 days of intense work with color. On the first day, prepare to have your mind blown as you learn about how we perceive color and what affects our perception, then explore the color wheel and make your own color dragon. From that basis of understanding, we’ll move on to discover color weight and how value affects color combinations.

The next day we’ll look at how color quantity and balance come into play—learning how to choose effective accent colors and how to control a large group of colors. Our last topic will be painting with yarn, or color blending.

Each section builds upon what you learned previously. When finished, you will have a toolbox full of tools that will guide you on your own color explorations, and you’ll understand Laura’s axiom, “You don’t get WOW by doing the expected!”

This workshop is friendly to any skill level and all disciplines. Everyone interested in color is invited to join in; simply bring appropriate tools for your craft. If they aren’t portable, just bring cardboard and rubber cement and you can do the exercises with supplied papers!

About Laura Bryant: Laura is the creative force at Prism Yarns, specializing in color and hand-dyed yarns. She teaches and designs with a no-rules approach, and her classes are designed to bring out the creativity within all of us.

Note: The single or double room price includes room, class, and breakfast & lunch each day. The local attendee price includes the class and lunch each day. Payment plan: Each payment includes a $10 service charge.

Early Bird Pricing ends May 30, 2017

Camp Idaho is October 12-16, 2017 at the The Coeur d’Alene Resort in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. For more information about the event, please go to our Camp Idaho home page.

Color Your World: A Color Lab - ID
Price: $1,795.00
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