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The Best of Weaver's: Twill Thrills

Twill Thrills is the fourth in a series of Best of Weaver's books: collections of treasured articles from more than ten inspiring years of Weaver's magazine. This volume is a comprehensive study of twill-new twills and old twills, plain twills and fancy twills, twills on four shafts and twills on more. Twill Thrills includes everything you need to know to design and weave twill fabrics: - straight, point, broken, zigzag, diamond, mixed twills, and more - twill blocks for color and imagery - the new advancing twills - the new networked twills - and thirty-six unique projects with complete, easy-to-follow directions Twill is a miracle weave! You can make any kind of fabric with twill-from rugs to gossamer scarves. Twill's floats show any fiber to best advantage-from shiny silks to nubby novelties. The number of possible twill designs is truly infinite, especially if you use the ground-breaking new techniques of network drafting and advancing twills. This book is the only source that has it all!

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The Best of Weaver's: Twill Thrills