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Great North American Afghan

Since its first appearance in Knitter's Magazine issues 50–55: The Great North American Afghan has featured 24 squares done by 24 designers in a flower garden of color, motifs, and patterning. Here it is re-knit in a new colorway with suggestions for limiting the colors.

GNAA, as it is known in-house, is a true sampler afghan. It can be a great learning experience, a stash buster, and a source of design inspiration for many other pieces—whether made of squares, strips, or in one piece. 

The Great North American Afghan, the booklet, shows both the original and new colorways, layouts, and finishing options. including instructions for knitting and applying the beautiful, lacy leaf edge shown on the original.

As always, you'll find easy-to-follow techniques, helpful how-to's, and suggestions of squares that we consider the easiest and the most challenging—and there are a few.

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Great North American Afghan
Price: $12.95