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Michelle Hunter
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Most of us knit or crochet to relax. What do you do?
I love to knit and watch sports on television. The upcoming college football season has my needles twitching in anticipation.

What's the most unlikely place you'™ve ever knitted or crocheted?
It is probably easier to name the places I haven't been seen knitting! Probably my favorite is the Roman Coliseum. Which knitting and crochet luminaries (living or dead) would you invite to a dream dinner party? Hands down - Barbara Walker! I use her Treasury of Knitting Patterns so often that I think of her as a dear friend and refer to her as "Babs".

Tell us about your most unusual teaching experience.
I had the privilege of teaching 3 women from Dubai when they lived in the U.S. while the youngest, Sara, was receiving cancer treatments. One spoke no English, one had limited English and Sara was fluent. I learned so much about their culture as we knit our way through their two years here. It was quite humbling to watch the young cancer victim bravely battle the disease while never missing a knitting lesson. Knitting brought the women much needed distractions from the grim reality of cancer. Unfortunately, Sara lost her fight. She left behind a husband and 3 beautiful children. She taught me to appreciate every day.

What's your favorite tool in your knitting bag? Why?
My "œclickie" counter. It helps this blonde knitter stay on track:).

What's the latest knitting or crochet technique you learned that rocked your world?
Short row shaping in sleeve caps.

When you look at another designer'™s work, what makes you say "wow"?
I adore stitch patterns that are original.
Have you ever seen one of your designs on someone "in the wild"? What'™s that feeling like?
There isn'™t a headier feeling than seeing a knitter proudly wear one of my designs. I am very grateful for their trust in my patterns. As a famous knitting (or crochet) teacher, you must travel a lot.

Do you have any secret airport vices you'd like to share?
I invariably get stuck sitting in the middle seat of the row on the airplane with my neighbors taking the armrests. It makes it hard to knit!
One last thing - what are you most looking forward to about STITCHES?
I LOVE the student fashion show at the banquet on Saturday. I am so inspired by the talent!

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