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Carol Sulcoski
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Most of us knit or crochet to relax. What do you do?
Read, walk, do crossword puzzles, garden, hang out with my kids, quilt. And knit and crochet, of course!

What's the most unlikely place you've ever knitted or crocheted?
Other than the places in my daily life while waiting in the car to pick up my kids, waiting rooms, in the car (never while driving!), on the beach, while on a train or plane I can't think of any place especially wacky. Maybe while taking continuing legal education classes? There tend to be very few knitters in there.

Which knitting and crochet luminaries (living or dead) would you invite to a dream dinner party?
It would depend on what kind of dinner party I wanted to have. If I wanted to meet some luminaries I don't know and really focus on knitting, I'd say Barbara Walker, Elizabeth Zimmermann, Mary Thomas and Alice Starmore.  On the other hand, if I wanted to have a raucous event where everyone ended up dancing on the tables, I would invite Debbie & Nell Bliss, Sarah Hatton, Josh Bennett, Trisha Malcolm, Veronik Avery, Fiona Ellis, for starters.

Tell us about your most unusual teaching experience.
Hmmm, nothing that unusual is coming to mind!  Just lots of great students.

What's your favorite tool in your knitting bag? Why?
Susan Bates Knit-Check. You can measure gauge or the size of a knitted piece, and size needles or crochet hooks with it, even translate millimeters to US sizes when writing patterns. I like that it's metal so it won't snap. I have about 20 of these in various places around my house and in my bags.

What's the latest knitting or crochet technique you learned that rocked your world?
Judy's Magic Cast-on. It really works!

When you look at another designer's work, what makes you say "wow"?
There is no one thing that appeals to me. It could be a gorgeous stranded knitting pattern or intricate set of cables. It could be beautiful lacework or an exquisite color combination. It could just as easily be a simple sweater with a standout detail or a stockinette-stitch garment that drapes perfectly.

Have you ever seen one of your designs on someone "in the wild"? What's that feeling like?
Once I complimented a student on a sweater she was wearing and it turned out to be one I designed! (She'd knit it in a totally different type of yarn so I didn't recognize it.) It was truly a thrill because really, that's what you want to achieve, to design a pattern that a real person will want to make and having made, will love the end product.

As a famous knitting (or crochet) teacher, you must travel a lot.  Do you have any secret airport vices you'd like to share?
I hate to fly, plain and simple. I need to take an atavan before I get on a plane or else you will see me on CNN with the heading "Distraught Pennsylvania woman wrestled off plane by air marshals."

One last thing, what are you most looking forward to about STITCHES?
Seeing what Lily Chin wears to the Saturday night banquet.

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