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Deborah Jarchow
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Most of us knit or crochet to relax. What do you do?
I weave most of the time, but also love to knit and crochet.

What's the most unlikely place you've ever knitted or crocheted? 
I took a small loom on a road trip from Los Angeles to Santa Fe and wove a shawl while riding in the van.

Which knitting and crochet luminaries (living or dead) would you invite to a dream dinner party? 
Elizabeth Zimmermann, weavers Madelyn van der Hooght, Anita Luvera Mayer, Deborah Chandler, and nameless weavers from the past that were able to create beautiful textiles on primitive equipment.

Tell us about your most unusual teaching experience. 
Last year I taught weaving at a summer camp for 10-12 year olds. I was worried that the boys in the class might not enjoy weaving as much as the girls but was pleasantly surprised that the young men were more excited by the projects than some of the girls were. A few months later I saw one of the boy's mothers and she said he was still weaving friendship bracelets!

What's your favorite tool in your knitting bag? Why?
I love my shuttle. It is made of beautiful inlaid wood and feels smooth and satisfying in my hand. It rolls through the shed in the warp and does its job well. It's easy to be happy with a tool that works well and is a pleasure to look at and use.

What's the latest knitting or crochet technique you learned that rocked your world? 
I've started combining knitting and crochet with woven pieces and am very excited with the results.

When you look at another designer's work, what makes you say "wow"? 
Incredible colors. And something that makes a simple design or technique look complex.

Have you ever seen one of your designs on someone  "in the wild"? What's that feeling like?
 In addition to teaching, I weave one of a kind garments for sale. An artist friend of mine had an exhibit at a nearby gallery, and at the opening reception 6 women were wearing pieces I'd made. What a thrill!

As a famous knitting (or crochet) teacher, you must travel a lot. Do you have any secret airport vices you'd like to share?
Not really, but it's always fun watching people in airports!

One last thing, what are you most looking forward to about STITCHES? 
I love meeting new people and introducing knitters to weaving. It is SO wonderful to see someone get very excited about learning to do something I love so much.

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