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Denyse Schmidt
A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design and former graphic designer, Denyse Schmidt has been sewing since she was a young girl. As a professional seamstress, she worked on everything from tutus and bishop’s mitres to fine clothing. Today, she brings these eclectic influences together in patchwork quilts characterized by simple graphics, rich color and quality workmanship. Firmly rooted in the techniques of American quilt-making, Denyse Schmidt reinterprets tradition to make modern, functional quilts that are fresh, lively, and offbeat. 

Denyse teaches improvisational patchwork piecing workshops in her studio, located in a historic factory building in Bridgeport CT.
For more information, visit www.dsquilts.com

STITCHES United 2020 Classes
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Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
1740 Easy A Different Stripe Join Denyse for hands-on sewing as she shows you how to improvise her A Different Stripe quilt pattern. Learn to trust your intuition, build your creative confidence, and streamline your patchwork process in this fast-paced, rut-busting workshop. This workshop is suitable for beginner and experienced sewists. Includes group discussions of color, value, and other design principles.

Note: Machines will be provided for use in the classroom.
Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
1741 Easy Laid Back Hawaiian Style Appliqué The women of the Hawaiian Islands developed a uniquely bold style of quilting characterized by large, stylized botanical motifs. Learn how to create a small Hawaiian Style appliqué and work toward mastering the needle-turn appliqué method. I’ll guide you through working with a simplified version of the motif featured in my second book, Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration: Preparing your template, cutting and basting your motif; and teaching you the meditative and portable method of needle-turn appliqué. Plan on making a pillow or wall-hanging size block 20 - 24 inches square.

Note: Must have some hand-sewing experience.