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Merike Saarniit
Merike Saarniit has been teaching workshops in knitting, spinning, weaving, and dyeing for over 20 years, and at most STITCHES events since 2000. The combination of her traditional Estonian heritage (including serious research of Estonian knitting) and her contemporary degree in Studio Art contribute to her unique designs and workshop presentations.

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STITCHES East 2011 ETC Classes
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Monday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Tuesday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm     SOLD OUT    CANCELED
ETC No skills required Plying Clinic You’ve got some fabulous fiber. You have spun some gorgeous singles. Now for the plying. How much twist? How many plies? What happens if the singles have been on the bobbins for weeks (months, years)? What happens if you finally ply the yarn, wash it, let it dry and the skein twists around itself? Is it doomed?

In two days, you’ll find the solutions to your plying questions. The solutions are neither mysterious nor do they involve counting or complex equations.

A great yarn for a specific project does begin with the singles, but the ultimate success depends on the plying. Durable sock yarns, lofty yarns perfect for fulling, yarns showing off spectacular color repeats are a few of the plying samplings we’ll cover in class. And, of course, we’ll find how to start the ultimately successful plied yarns with the appropriate singles.

The most important consideration and least understood element in plying is plying for a balanced yarn. That is, yarn that will not skew your knitting. This applies to 2-, 3-, or more plies and textured yarns such as boucles, garneted, knot yarns, and core-spun yarns. Whether your singles have been sitting on your bobbins for a week or a year, a balanced plied yarn is possible, even with singles with differing amounts of twist.

Materials fee: $25 for a large sampling of assorted fibers including (but not limited to) silks, cashmere, assorted wool preparations, mohair, angora, blends, etc .